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  1. --- MHFarm.minehut.gg --- Connect: /join MHFarm (In lobby) MHFarm.minehut.gg (Direct Connect) What we have: Friendly Community! In Game Ranks! A Buycraft Store! Sellwands! (Support hoppers, trapped chests and chests)! Spawners! Join us one day see what we are about! Have a great day/night/morning/arvo wherever you are in this world!
  2. Is Trent a carrot? Is Tent a potato? Is Trent a strawberry? Is Trent a avocado? Or: Is Trent Bent? Is Tent a Trent?
  3. reset the plugin config
  4. jakepronger

    Sellwands plugin

    Sellwands plugin does not work just says internal error command. try finding a new plugin or update the plugin for the version 1.15.2 Thx
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