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  1. There is no way how you can be accepted with 2 hours a day!
  2. BASIC DETAILSMinecraft username: VladimasterPrevious usernames: SaberTooth_XD VladipromasterTimezone:Greenwich mean timeAge (Must be 13+):13Do you have access to a working microphone? (yes/no):yesDo you have the ability to record hackers?:yesHave you played PlexPVP much before?:no not really I joined because a streamer called lotix played hereAre you multilingual? yesAPPLICATION QUESTIONSAre you an active player on Minehut and minecraft in general?: Yes I spend most of my time in minecraftHow much time do you have to contribute to the role?: I will try around 6 hours because I have school I wi
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