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    is that rowley?? also hi
  2. pszo

    hes coming

    dr phil is coming at me with a knife.. oh no don't do it hahha...
  3. pszo

    im new

    If you wanna get a builder, you can post it in this forum instead https://forums.minehut.com/forum/12-marketplace/ but other then that welcome!
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  5. pszo


    I suggest changing your minehut panel password, then look through console logs.
  6. crewly, i refuse to help u out
  7. Oh you can set up permissions with a rank plugin or just op them if you trust em enough. Have fun.
  8. Haha one hour late but oh well! We're glad to have ya.
  9. When was it updated?
  10. I'm pszo!!! (Call me Zoe If you want.) I turned 16 in january! I like anime, like JoJo - Tokyo Ghoul - Danganronpa, etc. I'm really into the whole kawaii aesthetic! (It shows all over my posts and profile really-) I build sometimes, I'm not the best but I'm always improving lol I joined the forums around december, but only starting to recently get active again! I'm excited to get to know all of you, even If I'm not that interesting :'D Fun fact: I use emojis a lot...
  11. I would respond and give a funny tongue twister, but OOPS I'm 4 hours late...
  12. hi there, welcome back!!!!
  13. RIP FORUMS... f's in the replies
  14. pszo

    I'm bored

    ouch the truth hurts
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