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  1. Here's some stereotypes for Minehut ranks! Just remember that this isn't really realistic so don't take it to heart, it's just jokes lol Default: Usually advertising their server. 50% Rule breakers, 50% cool dudes that don't have credits or just don't want to buy a rank. VIP: Usually saying "Oof" , always looking for staff for their server, names like "ii[inserttext], x[inserttext]x", builders, probably got gifted the rank PRO: had a OG name or does have one, they skript, when they advertise or look for staff they get a good amount of people interested. LEGEND: Definitely has a 4 or 5 letter name, barely talks but when they do they get a bunch of " OMG ITSA LEGEND!! " , votes a LOT like.. a lot, dedicated to minehut and.. their bank account PATREON: the best people ever because they're supporting Minehut and being amazing, out of all the things they could spend money on they decide to support this platform that allows so many people to be creative xx Staff rank's next?
  2. The holiday's are coming near, so I just have small tiny question(s). • What do you want for Christmas? • Do you have any goals you want to get to before Christmas hits? Let me know !
  3. Just wanted to say that this was a glitch and it had the text of a post I posted when minehut was having difficulties. A post of mine glitched out and for some reason said this, sorry.
  4. okay that was really weird? I didn't post the last two messages? .. I typed something different entirely but something weird popped up instead, bruh what

  5. I can join other servers but not minehut, it's currently saying " Can't connect to server " . Is it down, or is it just me?
  6. you ever just close your eyes and try to not think about all the genpvp servers?

  7. tokci

    Is Minehut Down?

    I can join other servers but not minehut, it's currently saying " Can't connect to server " . Is it down, or is it just me?
  8. Hi there, I'm Tokci. I'm 15 right now. I'm a girl who like's anime and a loser who build's pretty trashy builds. I only recently joined the forums but joined minehut in 2017, though my activity spikes were more 2018 and 2019 Currently learning skript, it's pretty hard but with all the tutorials on the web I'll get a hang of it.. eventually. Anyway I guess that's all I have to say about myself bUh bYe~
  9. 1450 credits to go till I can get VIP

    time to M E G A V O T E d6hid9t-1e78aaad-889a-4dd2-97ea-a11d458538ae.gif.d3d025bfe0e1095b2ea9799731e24152.gif

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