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  1. Apologies for the late response. However, I will still continue work with Spelunking. Despite maybe spending less time on it, development will still be going on. Spelunking means a lot to me; all of the work me and my friends have put into it, the story, the music, the textures and models... everything. I don't want it to go to waste. If I ever do feel like I can't continue work, I will still try to get a playable demo or whatever finished.
  2. That's Sir Lord Rascalian, for you.
  3. Many of you may know me so I won't bother with an overcomplex introduction. However, I guess I can give a brief rundown of my time as Staff. I became Mod back in 2018 in February and got promoted to Senior in 2019, 23rd of March; my Birthday. Benny was planning on promoting me a week earlier but he found out it was my birthday soon so decided to promote me on my cake day; whoop whoop. A few months passed and soon I found myself being the head of the build team; along with a bunch of new Senior Mods. Some time passed after that and unfortunately a lot of stuff started to come up and the 'r
  4. Yes, I have considered making a Discord. Only thing which is holding me back is simply managing it and making sure it doesn't go down in flames. I'll see if I can get a few extra people to simply moderate or upkeep the server while I'm busy with other things.
  5. Are any of you still alive? Good, at least we have somewhat of an audience to show off to! This past week we have finally pulled up our socks and got down to business with building (and some developing)! I'd say we've done about 20% of building required until there'll be enough for an open alpha for all of you to come and try out. Enough talk, here's a few screenshots of what has been done: The Quarry. The first area you will visit, For the future pictures, none of the stone has been detailed as we have yet to decided what areas will have what stone variations, so not all the caves look
  6. I have considered it, yes, but with how much we have planned and how large the world is going to be, the amount of people willing to do it for free for the amount of work required is going to be a challenge, yet alone have the experience and skillset. The team right now has done servers like this on a smaller scale, and scaling it up isn't difficult, just tedious and time consuming. But thank you for your concern about the development, it is a bit rocky but things are hopefully going to settle eventually.
  7. This is me expanding the newest game theory video that attempts to explain the nature of Endermen, I heavily advise to watch that for this to make sense. It is my belief that Zombie Pigmen used to be what half of their name suggests; Pigmen. But how did they come to be? One explanation I have is lightning. In-game, whenever a pig is struck by lightning, they become a zombie pigman. A pig isn't the only mob that has a property like this as well, a villager becomes a witch if struck and a creeper becomes a charged creeper. This leads me to believe lightning has some magical ability to grant
  8. I know that many of you are excited for this server, so am I. development has been extremely slow due to many things getting in the way and I wish to address what I plan to do. I do not want to give up on Spelunking, it's the one thing I constantly avoided throughout this month but work on the server has been minimal. One of the main reasons is my computer simply struggling to handle Minecraft and averaging less than 10 fps. Building a huge world such as Spelunking has been more frustrating than fun due to it being like playing Jenga with a tank. I am happy to say that I have ordered a new c
  9. I should probably mention that some of the ores are animated. Some pulsate eerily, others ooze and some flash violently. I would make it a GIF but unfortunately that's just far too much effort.
  10. I believe I should update ya'll on our textures so you can have faith in us to at least have some decent texture work, haha. To push this experience to the limits, blocks that we feel will not be used will be used to either be new ores or new building blocks to give areas their own identity. It also allows us to make locations closer to how we conceived them. Here are the textures for the ores we've made so far, this is only HALF of what we have planned but it puts into perspective to how expansive we plan to make the server: We put the ores into order to how late they appear a
  11. Right now, everything is going quite slow due to many complications, such as my computer being barely function, Mega going through some personal issues and Ryan being busy with other projects. However, once we pass these hurdles development will begin to look a lot smoother.
  12. Right now, we have 3 people working on Spelunking; Myself, Mega_Rascal and RyanDxxx. We all have our assigned roles, such as me working on the creative stuff such as the resource pack, music, story and building, Mega works on the building and Ryan is working on the development side. Obviously it's quite a small team for such a large project but we have worked on many RPGs before, some even rivalling the expansiveness of Spelunking. However, I believe many met their fate due to being released too early in development which made people get bored of it much quicker than us being able to add more
  13. Tuna without the mayo is really dry. I find this discovery quite alarming and concerning. As far as my knowledge goes, Tuna is from the sea, and the last thing the sea would be is dry, so why is something from the sea so dry? I'm so conflicted. 

    I need to sit down and reconsider a few things...

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      I don't eat tuna... so I wouldn't know

  14. As stated in our introduction post, Spelunking is planned to have an original soundtrack! Here, I have comprised a few of the songs which will be featured on Spelunking. I have also given descriptions for the first areas you will visit when playing Spelunking. Please, enjoy! Groveshire is a small peaceful region with a town, a quarry and a Mine. Groveshire used to be a well known mining town until the Province's king ordered the mine be shut down for unexplained reasons. This lead to Groveshire and its inhabitants struggling to survive due to the town's main source of income being abruptl
  15. Hello! Do you like Mining? Do you love exploring endless caverns? Do you enjoy a convoluted storyline? Then Spelunking is the perfect server for you! Spelunking is planned to have an intriguing plot about the happenings in the supposedly cursed 'Groveshire Mines'. Little does the player know that these caves are far more than simply being cursed. A custom Resource pack is in the works for this server that adds custom armour, weapons, tools, materials, blocks and sounds, with 28 EXTRA materials to mine for! Plus, you'll be able to gain equipment to help you navigate through the winding an
  16. I need no introduction. Unless you got hit on the head by a rock, then I suppose I will spare you my time and inform you of my stature. Who stands before you is the Great and Mighty Rascal! The most handsome Senior Moderator (and person) of all time! Auhuahuaha~. You may be wondering what evidence I have to support this seemingly support-less claims! BEHOLD; MY FACE. I know, I know, settle down! I understand my unrivalled looks are too much for anyone to comprehend, so I compensated this by wearing mini cups. Believe it or not, wearing liquid containers is becoming a big thing in
  17. Found a cool rock today, gonna keep it on my desk.
    Share a picture of it? I ain't sharing my rock. It's mine. Get your own!

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