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  1. To prevent situations like these you should periodically makes backups of of your server via the world download and learn to upload world when needed. Keep in mind that you should ONLY revert your worlds back when absolutely necessary. never do unnecessary rollbacks!!
  2. however i am still unable to make the backup it never seems to work. I'v already tried it for a few days. If transfer.sh will not work at all the integrity of my server is put on the line. The server is absolutely dependent on backups.
  3. Hello there. I am providing an anarchy server on minehut (UbUt.minehut.gg) and i need to make backups of the world however i am unable to do so. It is absolutely critical for the server for me to make backups just in case so if the world for example gets corrupted or otherwise something like that happens i can upload a backup. One of the servers key values is to never reset the world and the fact that i can't make backups absolutely threatens that. I did absolutely follow the tutorial by minehut as well i also did /dl world world , /dl world , /download world , /download world and even tr
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