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  1. So i've recently downloaded Dynmap and i require the numeral server ip to access the website (I.e hypixel ip I'd be greatly appreciated if you could help or give an alternative, perhaps you don't need the numeral ip?
  2. Before i start i just wanna say that I'm not very knowledgeable on minehut's inner workings nor its forums so if i get something wrong please tell me TL;DR can't use /server to connect to other servers while in a server no custom plugins can't download world data? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anyways, whats the deal with minehuts severe limitations compared to other server hosting platforms? to me the first and biggest problem is the bungeecord, we aren't allowed to connect to other servers without first leaving our own to enter the lobby and yet this incredibly useful tool in server building isn't being used, as far as i heard it was due to some sort of issue with exploitation?? other then that I haven't heard anything at all which is a shame because bungeecording is one of the most useful things people and use in server building My second problem is with plugins, i know this will likely not be changed due to the fact that custom plugins can cause many security issues as well as basically remove any reason to get a server plan and can practically ruin minehuts "new-user friendly" vibe they have going on but it would be nice to see the day custom plugins are allowed My third and final problem is with downloading/copying world/server data. This is probably the easiest one to explain, minehut doesn't want you to change hosts. This is the least important problem imo, using external ways to download is always an option and im not even sure if world download is even blocked perhaps I just haven't seen it.
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