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  1. Npcs that walk on a certain path (straight back and forth) and has circle fire trails very time they walk
  2. Seems like this could be really useful for players starting to learn how everything works. Minehut should def add it. +1
  3. So there's nothing against advertising in the game lobby but it says I was muted for spam. I switch lobby's every time I say something so how could it possibly be spam??
  4. I'm looking for a builder to create a spawn for my farming server. Its Ancient Greece themed so I need that kind of vibe if you can do it. Maybe a small Greek town or a dilapidated Parthenon. Enough of a build for me to put all the information, crates, etc I need. You put your imagination to work! Thanks! lilromeoz#0856
  5. Hello! I'm looking for skripters who are well versed in creating minehut servers and have past experience coding. I'm planning on making a game that will need heavy coding done in a timely fashion. I'd rather talk over discord so add me at lilromeoz#0856 if you're interested! Thanks
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