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  1. Thanks alot, That helped sooo much. Now i just need a way to give people the rank, is there a easy way to do this? Lets say you buy a potion or an item and click it? and recive the rank, do i need a plugin to make clickable items with costum commands or how would you solve this?.
  2. Hey im currently making a skymines server. So let's say players start out by mining dirt, cobblestone, iron and gold. And after upgrading their tools, armor and so on. They need to save up enough lets say gold to buy access to a different area in the world where you can mine let's say diamond and emerald. And this area should only be accesseble for players who buy this item from the shop. If anyone have a YouTube video that explains this kinda thing i would love you to link it, or just explain it down bellow. This is the plugins im currently using, and would Luckperms be a better
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