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  1. Thread Locked. Join the Discord for information regarding why Minehut’s server capacity is lower than usual before making a thread like this
  2. Moved to Suggestions. Please use the correct categories for future reference. As for my take on this thread, " a different hosting server " would seem to, in reality, limit premium players. While, yes, it's a great idea, Minehut operates on multiple dedicated servers - not just one. So if we wanted an entire set of new nodes rather than just the ones we have now, we'd either have to get rid of some of the ones we have (which can hardly keep up with the rapidly growing player base) or purchase new ones, when there are more important factors we should focus on such as performance. Prioritizing support for premium members doesn't make much sense either. Our support team does not see rank, does not even consider it, when assisting someone. By giving premium users faster support, you're restricting users of a service that should be provided to all members of the community at the same pace. Additionally, seeing as you stated it'd be a monthly payment, for all the perks you're requesting, it's very unrealistic for this to be between $5 and $15 per month. Mainly because you can buy credits for cheaper than that and easily run a server with a decent amount of slots and ram for a reasonable amount of time. Lastly, getting early access to plugins really isn't likely, as the Plugins Team often creates a Minehut fork of plugins, which takes enough time as it is. Doesn't make sense to hold plugins for extra time. I do think getting early access to other things is a brilliant idea for our donors though! Please don't take this as me attacking your thread or anything. This is just my view. Anyone else's is just as good as mine!
  3. You can report someone for Community Disruption here on the forums. Click here to go there. Thread Locked.
  4. Thread Locked & Moved to Community Support.
  5. Moved to Community Support & Thread Locked.
  6. In addition to what was just said above by @Clarifity, I recommend that you join the Minehut Discord to know when servers are working how they should be once again. Thread Locked, Concern Addressed (Also moved to Community Support. Please use the correct categories for future reference )
  7. Thread Locked, OP concern addressed.
  8. Moved to Community Support & Thread Locked.
  9. There are things that can fit into 3 separate categories being discussed in one thread.
  10. _C02


    Moved to Community Support.
  11. To get rid of a scoreboard, you could just make the scoreboard disappear with: wipe loop-player’s scoreboard Sorry by the way, I’m on my phone and I’m too lazy to figure out how to do the code format.
  12. _C02

    Did you know?

    Let’s just all say a random fact about Minehut (or even just Minecraft) that others may not know! Did you know that Minehut was once called ProHost.gs?
  13. I definitely agree that donors should have more perks
  14. Moved to Community Support. & Thread Locked (see below) It it is also worth it to note the messages being sent in #announcements at https://discord.gg/minehut
  15. Minehut is still in maintenance. Please be patient, your server will be available once it is out. Thread Locked.
  16. Minehut is still in maintenance. Your server will be available once the team finishes up. Please be patient, and join https://discord.gg/minehut for an announcement when it's finished. Thread Locked.
  17. Minehut is still not out of maintenance. Servers can still be considered 'unstable' and may take a long time to start. The best thing you can do it be patient. Thread Locked & Moved to Community Support
  18. Minehut only supports Java Edition servers. While yes, it was once possible to create Bedrock/P.E. and Java Servers via Minehut, it is not any longer. Thread Locked.
  19. _C02

    IDisguise Plugin

    Moved to Suggestions
  20. Moved to Marketplace. Please post in the correct categories for future reference.
  21. Eh, I'd say you decide. Just follow this: https://www.wikihow.com/Calculate-the-Radius-of-a-Circle
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