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  1. The calendar of which contains the fun activities we define as "Minehut Events" can be found below for the current week we are in, May 25th-31st. This was supposed to sound dumb. Anyway enough of my comedy here you go!!!
  2. Time for another events calendar yay!!! This week at Minehut, we've got a lot going on. > Check out the schedule!
  3. Please submit an appeal here.
  4. It was due to a security issue with the command. It is going to be enabled network-wide soon. Locked
  5. The name isn't really an issue. We all agreed on it in our meeting as a type of joke. Not intended to be taken seriously. If you want to refer to them as "Minehut Awards," there's no problem with that
  6. First Annual Minehut Trent Awards Hi everyone! We're going to begin a tradition this year, with the annual Minehut Trent Awards. Obviously, it's going to be like the real life Oscars, but we didn't want to call it that because it's boring. In this event, you'll be able to vote for a staff member in certain superlatives, and community members in others. I will be accepting some community suggestions for superlatives, for both staff and community member categories. If you have a suggestion, please reply with it below and I'll look at it when I get a chance. Additionally, if you have any questions, you can ask here! Details: Hosted: The Discord Events Voice Channel & Lobby #1 Date: June 5th, 2020 - starting at 4:30PM EST * Voting Deadline: June 4th, 2020 11:59 PM EST Rules: When you vote for a community member, you must type their name in the appropriate field exactly as their name appears in-game. If they do not play in-game, type it exactly as their Discord nickname appears. Otherwise, your vote will not count. You may only have one submission - so ensure that you're voting for exactly who you want! We ask that you vote for every category, however, you're able to skip as you feel fit. Players (for community section) who have an extensive punishment history (on any platform) or overall are not in good standing with the Minehut Staff & Community will not be allowed to receive awards. We will release voting on Friday, May 8th. We will release a form in the events channel on that date, and I'll come back here and post the link. Also, anyone who receives an award will be given a Discord role with their award for 3 days. * We are hosting in a month because we want to get as many votes as possible to actually make this competitive. We also have some other events we want to push out in the coming weeks that will be good to lead up to this event. Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope to see you all there!
  7. What's good Minehut?! This week we've got some cool events for you guys to win some cool rewards! Regarding the First Annual Minehut Trent Awards - I will be posting a thread later tonight with that information! > Check out the schedule below:
  8. filr

    File manager not loading

    Clear your cache and refresh the page.
  9. filr

    Custom plugins

    Custom plugins pose a security threat to Minehut and its infrastructure. Custom plugins have been suggested many times and is not very likely to happen. Locked
  10. filr

    Staff Help

    See my response to your other posts. There's no need to spam multiple threads. Locked
  11. See my response to your other post. There's no need for you to create multiple threads with the same message. Locked & Moved to Community Support
  12. Hi, this was mostly definitely caused by a player. Minecraft does not have any mechanics that would cause this to happen. If you gave permissions to a player, it's possible they did this. I recommend checking your logs, it'll show any player who has joined and used any commands (probably /nuke if you had essentials installed). This is not an issue caused on Minehut's end. Minehut does not have any tasks executed upon servers that'd cause such a thing. There's no "Minehut virus" and this is an issue on your end. Also, this is in the incorrect category. Please use the correct categories. Moved: Marketplace -> Community Support & Locked
  13. filr

    help i need it now

    You can contact Minehut Support and they can attempt to help you restore your access to the server console. https://www.minehut.com/support Locked
  14. Hi, Minehut does not support PocketMine. Locked
  15. Please follow this video tutorial for information on how to make yourself a server operator. If you follow the tutorial to the par, you should have no issues making yourself OP! Locked & Moved to Community Support
  16. filr

    Default world??

    Moved to Community Support & Locked
  17. Not sure exactly what you're asking -- can you provide us with important information, such as the plugins you have installed? Moved to Community Support
  18. We are currently looking at ways to prevent bot attacks and make moderation easier on our staff. We have a lot of improvements coming in the near future that will help us combat them easier and much more efficiently than we do currently. Locked & moved to Suggestions
  19. filr

    I need some help

    If you did not have CoreProtect installed, there's no way to restore your server. For future reference, you should only give permissions to users who you can trust. The safest way is for you and only you to be an operator. Locked
  20. filr


    You join your server the same as you do on Java Edition - /join (server name).
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