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Hello, my name is Davin (aka _C02). I am a [MOD] on Minehut!

Some background information on me. I've been playing on Minehut since the Kingdoms era, when there were only about 15 plugins available on Minehut via GUI Installation in 2014. I was the first ever Minehut (or at the time MCHost) SUPPORT. You may recognize me by Emetion. I've also gone by iFlew on Minehut. I was handpicked by the owner (at the time) ADMIN Luuke. That was in December of 2015. I went through many ranks at that time, from Support, to Helper, to Jr.Mod, to MOD in April of 2016. I was told that I was being considered by one of the Community Managers for SR.MOD, but that never happened unfortunately. To this day, it makes me wonder, if I stayed (keep reading to see why I left) where I'd be right now. Mind you that Support/Helper/Jr.Mod was not a trial rank at that time. After achieving Mod, about a week later I actually left Minehut for about 1.5 years for personal reasons. I came back in late 2017 and was relatively saddened, so I left again, it was right around when Minehut was shutdown for some months. I rejoined, applied for Jr.Mod 2-3 times when it was relaunched. The 3rd (or 2nd) time was the charm, and I was accepted as a [JR.MOD] on August 1st, 2019. I started working on the Featured Servers as a Junior Moderator as well. Now, as of October 1st, 2019, I am a [MOD], and an Events Team Leader. The way I see it, I will stay on Minehut for as long as it survives. However, I will have to leave Minehut in 5 years if it is still alive by then. Hopefully, by then my goals (see below) will be fulfilled!

By the way, I actually was an ADMIN for a day in 2016 hehe

Some of my biggest goals are to:

1. Commission into the U.S. Army as a 2LT (Military Police [MP]) (Goal since 2018)

2. Achieve [SR.MOD] or [ADMIN] on Minehut (Goal since 2016)

3. Become a Varsity Cross Country Runner (Goal completed)

4. Attend a Four-Year University (Goal completed) (Goal since like... 2010?)

5. Become a Developer for Minehut (This most likely won't happen anymore as you must work for SLG) (Goal since 2016)


I have a website

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