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  1. Put on some socks Why can't I install a 13th plugin?
  2. Please post in the Marketplace category instead of here @chillins can you move the post to Marketplace please
  3. Press ESC to open up your menu, then click "Disconnect" How do I place every single boat in the underground highway efficiently?
  4. ^^ can confirm benny was suspicious that i was self botting so he locked me out of the channel for like 30 minutes
  5. ersatz is actually outdated and it's better to use the skript-placeholders addon that was just recently added!
  6. @Reassembly can you please locc the post and make it hippity hoppity get off this property because of necro, tyy
  7. As some comments say, the plugin doesn't work in 1.11 so it is extremely unlikely that it'll work with 1.16.
  8. These questions should go in the Help Category @Vinixs please move to help
  9. This plugin is on Dream's Patreon, which costs money, some dude grabbed the plugin and posted it on Spigot without permission We'd need Dream's permission to add the plugin, so it's unlikely it'll be added
  10. -1 Public servers with drugs have been a thing before, farwl, and people will use this plugin in a public server, we can't do much about it, it'd make the rule that Reassembly stated harder to enforce
  11. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS DIFFICULTY: EASY Introduction: Plugins are a useful way of adding additional content and function to your server. They can be used to improve the management of a server, improving the experience of the user as well as making day to day life easier. How to manage plugins: Install Plugins: First, you’ll want to be logged into your Minehut account, and on your server’s panel. When you’re on your server’s panel, you’ll want to click the Plugins tab at the top of the screen. From here, y
  12. this is a pretty good helper too
  13. I mean...... I'm pretty sure functions are global across scripts
  14. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO MAKE COMMANDS WITH SKRIPT REQUIREMENTS: Skript DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM Introduction: Ever wanted to make custom commands for you and your players? Skript allows you to do just that! Register a Command: Registering a command is very simple with Skript. This is what a command in Skript looks like: command /name <arguments>: # keep in mind that arguments and the slash before the command name are optional (parameters) # parameters are optional, they will be explained in detail later trigger: # your code Argum
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