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  1. let's make a small hide & seek map but build every block on a 16:1 scale
  2. TheGoose

    Minehut Exposed

    ok so i dont wanna continue any arguments or anything but it's only $12 (i am exaggerating this part dont get mad kthx) it's not like the end of the world is near when we don't get a refund
  3. a thing where you do your classwork because school is more important than broken english in a .sk file
  4. how do i get minehut staff to follow me

  5. Congratulations to you all!
  6. skript-mirror won't be added due to security issues
  7. We already have Essentials???
  8. We won't be adding skript-mirror due to security reasons
  9. Unfortunately there isn't a command/setting that disables starting servers from the lobby.
  10. Wasn't saying it's wrong, apologies, I should've worded my post differently!
  11. missing JackJack33, bud. i would place all the staff at #1 though, just so nobody takes anything personally
  12. sorry bro let's pretend i was lying
  13. i hadnt seen u ever until like 2 weeks ago
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