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  1. Information We are looking for some dedicated and capable individuals to recruit onto our staff team, to help ensure that the server retains its enjoyable, engaging and safe environment for our community. We ask that you meet the following requirements before submitting your application: - You must be 14+ years old - You must be an active Pumpus player. - You should have a clean punishment history, with a good reputation on Pumpus - You must have a working microphone of decent quality, this is required for a formal interview during the staff process. If your application is a
  2. I highly doubt that they'll reset the cooldown for you
  3. If you wanted to improve this, I would suggest adding a list variable for the argument's warnings, and adding things like a reason and the date when the player was warned. Otherwise, nice job
  4. command /apply: trigger: send "Apply here: (replace this with your link)"
  5. Information Welcome to the Pumpus Media Application. We are looking for some capable individuals to create brilliant content for our server, with the aim of encouraging new players to participate and to keep our community engaged and entertained. We value the quality of our server and the capabilities of the people we hire, and because of this, we ask that you meet the following requirements: YouTube Requirements - 150+ subscribers - 250+ views per video - Appropriate content (Nothing discriminatory or similar, lenience with swearing) - Good quality YouTube videos with no watermark
  6. Zincc


    You can't.
  7. Zincc


    Okie dokie
  8. ur a penguin 🐧

    1. LavaKidYT2


      penguin has died

  9. You need to have OP permissions to use whitelist commands. Run the command /op (username) in the console
  10. Isn't there /pardon-ip?
  11. @Chilkins I am very proud of you
  12. If you don't like it, you can either leave, or politely make a suggestion about something that needs to be improved/altered. Making an angry forums post won't do you any favors.
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