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  1. Congratulations, the staff team has come to our final decision to accept your application. This doesn't mean you've been officially accepted to the staff team, your just moving on to the next stage which is your interview. Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me on discord when you're ready for your interview. Sincerely ~ Bhud
  2. You can easily find those on the internet and then change to your choice.
  3. I understand that this skript either might be out of date or super old so don't come at me for this skript being terrible but I tried my best to make it work. Here's the text file, this skript is free to use and no credits needed, etc. build.sk
  4. Unfortunately, the staff team have reviewed your application and we've come upon the decision to DENY your application. Make sure to use the correct format next time and feel free to apply within 4 days from the prior date of the denial.
  5. Hey 320ms, thank you for applying. The management team and I have reviewed your recent application and we've come to the final decision to move you on to the next stage which is your interview. Please contact myself Bhud #0013, Gav#7280 or Skaarz#8852 once your ready.
  6. Blextroph Staff Application Format : Thank you for wanting to try and shoot for a position at Junior Moderator here on Blextroph. Before you apply, please review the following requirements below: 14 + (Exceptions might be made) Should be able to have a somewhat brief overview in your head about the server A working microphone that doesn’t sound like a potato Active in-game, at least 1-2 hours a day and active in the discord. Have a strong understanding about the discord & in-game rul
  7. Blextroph Staff Application Process Hello there fellow gamer! Thank you for giving yourself the opportunity a chance at becoming a staff member within Blextroph. The whole management team came up with a whole process that you guys have to read through, which the process is a thing obviously to show us who's the best fit for the job and who isn't. Please take your time to read through this whole staff application process and you'll have a good chance at becoming a staff member. This process might be changed through out time of the season being up depending on who actually joins the club. A
  8. Can you make me a ender pearl cool down skript?
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