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  1. Can anyone help me on figuring out why the backpack plugin doesn't want to work now for me? Also, how do i update the plugins on the site? I get the ingame notification that my plugins are out of date but there is no sign or anything at all on where or HOW to update them. So, 1. Backpack doesnt want to work for me now, 2. Plugins aren't up to date. and 3. No one is bothering to help at all.
  2. ScruffyBoi

    Plugin Updates???

    SOoooo does that mean you CAN'T help me with my problem?
  3. ScruffyBoi

    Plugin Updates???

    So have a few plugins that were updated and my server tells me when i launch my world, but how do i update them? Do they update on their own? idk what to do, someonne help pls lol
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