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  1. booooo I mean I cant really complain about a free service though. Im just glad its most likely a patch issue and not that my worlds been bricked or gone forever lol. Being the naive fool I am I never backed up.
  2. Im having an issue that says my server is online and running but I always get kicked to minehuts main server lobby. Ive tried to join my server multiple different ways as well as stopping and restarting the server and my pc but no matter what I try I just keep getting redirected to minehuts main lobby instead of my own server. the funny thing is Ive had no problems with this until today, everything was working fine up to yesterday.
  3. The issue Im having is that when I boot up my minehut server that was working just fine the day before, it shows that the server is online and ready to be joined but when I join from my multiplayer menu it just kicks me straight to minehuts main server lobby world with no information why I was redirected away from my server. Ive tried using the direct connect oiption as well as using the /join command and also Ive tried restarting/stopping the server but nothing Ive tried to do will let me actually join my server. if anyone else has had this problem would you mind letting me know how you fixed
  4. Hey so Im new to setting up a server of any kind for minecraft but minehuts seemed like it was straight forwad and simple with their dashboard however whenever I change a world setting to say creative mode or disable mob spawns after I restart the server and log in none of the world setting have changed anything. (yes I made sure to save) Any chance someone knows what the issue is?
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