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    seriously? man, this is possibly the greatest post i've ever seen on the Minehut forums. the amount of effort and time that you must have to create a post like this is crazy and you deserve a huge reputation boost and a position on the Minehut staff team thank you so much
  2. Well, the question you have to ask yourself is, is a social democrat and a democratic socialist the same thing? Is it possible to achieve immortality by being in the Minehut community?
  3. i don't think that has ever been done on Minehut, i would love to see a server like that
  4. Sign up for the Australian military. Could someone give me a unique server idea?
  5. plugin page? are you wondering where you go to install / remove plugins? if so, click 'Plugins' on your panel dashboard
  6. welcome to the forums
  7. Apply for staff at the Discord headquarters. How much do you have to pay to join the Minehut lobby?
  8. Staff members do not exist on Minehut. How do I skript a plugin to remove myself from the Discord server?
  9. A place to vote for the next U.S president. How do I demote a staff member?
  10. Residents


    this is the category to request for plugins to be updated
  11. Somebody who comes up with informative and helpful answers when contacted by military personnel. Can I donate to become a Minehut staff member?
  12. hey dude, my day is going alright
  13. Moderator: Sqyid Senior Moderator: TehRaptor Junior Moderator: draemworks
  14. ensuring that their staff team is doing their job and running smoothly, coming up with new updates to keep players interested
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