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  1. Username: L2Y7D Offense: Stat Abuse Evidence:
  2. Username: PardonMySpeech Offense: Server Advertisement Evidence:
  3. Username: DocGabe101 Offense: Flight, Killaura Evidence:
  4. Username: BlazeBoi Offense: Killaura Evidence:
  5. Usernames: ItsBearty & Dylanmh Offenses: ItsBearty - Disrespect, Excessive Caps, Toxicity, Spamming | Dylanmh - Chat Flood, Excessive Caps Evidence:
  6. Username: ItsBearty Offense: Mute Evasion Evidence:
  7. (I'd like to mention that this user has been disrespectful and toxic for months) Username: ItsBearty Offense: Disrespect Evidence:
  8. Username: SuperPotatoBruh Offenses: Racism & Toxicity Evidence:
  9. Usernames: SoiledCold, Scorpiongamer123, ItsBearty Offence: Excessive Capitalisation, Disrespect Evidence: Excessive Capitalisation - SoiledCold, Scorpiongamer123, ItsBearty Disrespect - ItsBearty (see bottom of the image)
  10. Username: Requinon Offense: Racism | & spam / excessive caps Evidence:
  11. Username: WallyTube & Willy Tube Offenses: Chat Flood (WallyTube), Spam (WillyTube) Evidence:
  12. Usernames: OneSaltyBoi226 & XxLegitxX Offenses: OneSaltyBoi226 (Racism) | XxLegitxX (Inappropriate Behavior) Evidence:
  13. ok then why was this accepted https://forums.minehut.com/topic/6552-itzbroccoli-stat-abuse/
  14. Username: kniferx Offense: Excessive Capitalization Evidence:
  15. Username: IfSheIs18Im18 Offense: Stat Abuse Evidence:
  16. Username: Slynxtz Offenses: Inappropriate Behavior, Disrespect & Spamming Evidence:
  17. Usernames: jimmyjam101, SadGhoster87, ThreeFreeze Offense: Excessive Capitalization Evidence:
  18. Username: TH4TSTRAFE Offense: Racial Slur Evidence:
  19. Usernames: minecraft_dean & FlowerBoy2016 Offenses: minecrafter_dean (Toxicity), FlowerBoy2016 (Excessive Capitalization) Evidence:
  20. Usernames: SimonEnderman & candy_cane1 Offenses: SimonEnderman (Excessive Capitalization), candy_cane1 (Chat Flood) Evidence:
  21. Username: IfSheIs18Im18 Offense: Excessive Capitalization Evidence:
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