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  1. any staff reading this, I changed my in game name to levees
  2. Username: Aethestic What punishment did you receive: Ban Was the punishment fair: No What were the events that led to your punishment: If the quality of the vid is bad, basically all I just did was use a mod that modifies (ONLY) my fly speed. I got banned using pvplounge client, a client where you can't inject hacks into it. Dumb act that got me banned, I know, just wanted to test if it can really modify my fly speed, and it didn't give me any advantages against other players. Why should you be unpunished: I never hacked on warzone before, this is my first ban and like I said it was just a mistake that wasn't a disadvantage to other players. I think it's really up to you if I deserve to be unpunished. Additional comments: If you do not want to straight out unban me, it's okay. (what I did was kinda stupid). All I'm asking for is a shorter ban if you can give it to me.
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