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  1. - Your IGN: LoLMaybe - Length of punishment: Permanent - Reason for punishment: Client Modification - Reason punishment should be revoked: Because the video presented was not solid evidence of me using any modifications. It was clear to see i was lagging(9-10 seconds into the video) You can see i was kinda tping around the place. Obvious lag. However i get how the screenshot presented was suspicious behaviour. As did i agree it was to the Sr.Mod i agreed it looked suspicious. Yet i do not feel like it is fair banning me of 1 screenshot which was not fully clear even so it was just a bit suspicious. The Sr.Mod unbanned me to give me a chance to proof myself and he would be spectating me. I feel like that was fair since i am a legit player and honestly do not know why i would be hacking when i am number 1. Got the best Gang. Got multiple hackers banned. And applied to be staff(My experience also shows). The person recording the video and taking the screenshot wanted to give me a chance to proof my innocent. Yes. I did log off instantly apparently after being recorded and staff was not in /v. But i did not see them and i have proven to the Sr.Mod i had to be at school in approx 45 min after i logged(He is dutch so when i send him the screenshot he understood it and knew i was not lying about having to go). If you need anymore information dm me on discord: LoLMaybe#5104 or respond under this thread. I hope to get another shot as i did grind for hours on hours on hours -LoLMaybe
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