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  1. MrScopes

    Minehut Exposed

    Yeah I'm treated differently as well, pretty annoying. Anything I say will and has been twisted so the minehut staff can find a way to punish me.
  2. not really any of them but if I had to choose, @Mr_Kurtis
  3. Nice water-gun Scopes. 🔫🔫🔫

  4. just enable uuids in skript config
  5. If your server doesn't use Skript's "send formatted" effect, you're in the clear. Basically if your server uses "send formatted", users can sudo other users when they click the chat message. Assuming the "send formatted" is in your [item] code, here's a solution: on chat: if message contains "[item]": cancel event replace all "<" and ">" with "" in message # do [item] stuff send formatted "&7%player%&8: &f%message%" to all players else: set chat format to "&7%player%&8: &f%message%" It's extremely easy to abuse "send formatted" so for server security I'm not explaining how to use it.
  6. honestly just use something like this command /gmc [<offline player=%player%>]: permission: gamemode.creative trigger: set arg's gamemode to creative send "&7Updated &b%arg%&7's gamemode to &bcreative&7." send "&7Your gamemode has been set to &bcreative&7." if arg isn't player
  7. cool but you should make it if they don't type any of the 3 arguments, it defaults to "help"
  8. on load: set {i::*} to all items remove barrier from {i::*} every 20 seconds: {give} isn't set loop all players: set {_i} to a random item out of {i::*} give loop-player 1 of {_i} command /toggle: description: enable/disable users receiving items periodically permission: op trigger: if {give} isn't set: send "&aEnabled &7periodic items." set {give} to true else: send "&cDisabled &7periodic items." delete {give}
  9. Appeal denied. The evidence you provided was only a single message of excessive caps, and this user also has no prior punishment history.
  10. Appeal denied. "negro" may not be defined as offensive, but people still find it offensive. It can also considered a slur, which is what you were punished for. I'll shorten your punishment to 2 weeks, only because this is your first offense. If this happens again you won't be getting unmuted soon.
  11. Denied. The evidence is pretty insufficient. We should at least get some sound to go with it.
  12. Appeal denied. You can appeal again in 2 weeks, but I recommend you wait at least a couple months.
  13. It seems you've never played warzone. What's your ign?
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