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  1. Vixio has recently been updated to version 2.0.7 today however it has a warning that if we don't update by 10/07/2020 our discord bots would stop functioning Download link: Vixio
  2. man just reized how useful sign guis would be bot captchas would be more fun XD let's see a list of skripts that would be changed due to sign guis alone Sign Guis: /nickname more people would be able to make a more stable nickname skript that works like hypixles since we seem to love to rip them off bot captcha instead of always having to check the chat chat or a gui people could use signs maybe even make it 2 step proccess anvils I personally enjoy making custom anvils as it's easier for custom enchants and with sign guis we can add a rename searching people h
  3. I don't normally post topics unless I view them as useful or just generally needed such as SkBee and MiSK saved time for all of us, however, for awhile now I've always seen Skacket pop up in all my SkriptHub searchs and awhile ago I've noticed that it has sign guis which is useful for many skripts. There are many people who have made a custom anvil skript or nickname skripts but had to use on chat for naming stuff. Being able to limit the amount of characters allowed to 16 from the start instead of needing to add multiple lines saves more time. There are also other things not only sign guis. E
  4. @Ofus-Will also while we're on this subject of why would we delete variables upon leave would you much rather have me just change it to meta data something about 3% of minehut skripters have even heard of let alone touch? because I couldn't agree more it's a much better way of storing tempory data
  5. Who know! XD Why do we use variables in the first place? Oh wait! I know because we need to store data
  6. That doesn't add up with what you originally posted The link brings you to the otherwise expression which doesn't add up with what you just said I already said I could maybe delete it however at the same time I've also been running into errors with the values being none this has been most noticable in removing of balance if the variable is none and a player trys to buy something their balance is negative so for me to ensure no issues happen I set it to 0 you also need to keep in mind that logic only works for the very simple one and one more thing the variables are deleted u
  7. Never heard of that before I'll see what I can do with this new found knowledge thanks! XD at the same time @Ofus-Will I don't see how that can apply to this situation besides me maybe changing it to delete instead I still need to reset the victim's kill and not going to lie I only really see use for that in messaging something similar to what the example is
  8. wouldn't this be a better command template? as template's definition is in short a pattern meaning it's easy to "cut out" options: command: example permission: example.permission permission_message: &cYou don't have the required permission node executable_by: console and players aliases: ex cooldown: 0 seconds cooldown_message: &cThis commmand is currently still on cooldown cooldown_bypass: example.permission.bypass command {@command} [<text>]: permission: {@permission} permission message: {@permission_message} executable by: {@executable_by} aliase
  9. Pizzarolls are pretty cool right?

  10. Anyone got any skript ideas? I've been bored and out of ideas of what to skript for a few months now Things I Won't Skript: Skyblock Bedwars
  11. for people who want an extreamly simple one options: killstreak_kills: 5 on join: set {kills::%player%} to 0 on quit: delete {kills::%player%} on death of a player: set {kills::%victim%} to 0 attacker is a player add 1 to {kills::%attacker%} {kills::%attacker%} is divisible by {@killstreak_kills} # send action bar "&c&lKS &8> &e%attacker% &fis on a &e%{kills::%attacker%}% kill streak" to all players broadcast formatted "&c&lKS &8> &e%attacker% &7is on a &e%{kills::%attacker%}% kill streak"
  12. Something I've always noticed on minehut is that there are always some type of skript that people just can't figure out or just feels like it's far to complicated so when I was searching through the docs and I came across is divisible by (number) I felt like it was required of me to create the most common thing this condition would be used for. # # As you can see there are a few events I have blocked out this is due to the fact I know some people won't want to use them # So in order to make sure this skript is usable for everyone anything that isn't a requirement I blocked out # # A
  13. this will never be added sorry it's been suggested many times and denied each time
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