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  1. Yeah seems more and more like it's needed
  2. can you send me how the variable is set at it should be time spam so set {_example} to 10 minutes apply potion of blindness of tier 3 to player for {_example}
  3. Mesyl2


    still I'd rather teleport to update then add a skript addon that most likely doesn't work and if that's all it's going to be used for even more reason not to add it why let it die and only be used by select servers. A lot of the skript addons currently are having these issues: SkRayfall it's a buggy addon where a lot of it doesn't work now any decent server doesn't have it installed MiSK it has a lot of broken syntax but it's merchant guis are usefull not many servers use this and many more are like this taking the longer way out would ultimantly be better
  4. I believe a plugin was suggested for this but hasn't been added that might be what he is talking about
  5. Mesyl2

    AI system

    I mean yes it could be done but it's not really easy you can make a simplistic version of it but will be weird working the next would be making a more advanced version but those can normally take days and up to make
  6. Mesyl2


    yaw and pitch is in vanilla skript player's yaw player's pitch however from what a friend told me setting yaw doesn't currently work idk about pitch however if you have enough time look into the location() function that skript has by default that has the abiltity to edit yaw and pitch on teleport
  7. From what i understand you want something along the lines of a backpack or something right? each player gets 1 and can store items in it?
  8. I send em via messages as any of them asked for are for personal servers
  9. I'll help but I hate this skript already set {_slots::*} to integers from 0 to 8 format slot {_slots::*} of player with black stained glass pane named "&r" to be unstealable if that doesn't work then try this format slot 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 of player with black stained glass pane named "&r" to be unstealable
  10. can you explain the regions as in your code you are saying it should only work in the region "spawnpoint" and nowhere else
  11. why don't we just use the expressions "scripts" and create a gui with all the skripts like that it's simple easy and doesn't require to much work not trying to come off rude or anything it just seems sort of useless
  12. one more thing are you using essentials balance or a custom one if custom what is the var
  13. okay then im not going to do exactly that but rather one that lets more customization
  14. is this something you need or something I should make
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