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  1. RecipeSK

    Player Ping

    use loop all playterse
  2. cuz we're discussing wether or not we want this?
  3. Hey, Skript anticheats aren't the best, but I could make you one for free. DM me on discord @skRecipe#2126
  4. Hey, If you would like me to teach you about skript, add me on discord! (skRecipe#2126)
  5. change {back} to {back::%uuid of player%}
  6. move to script discussions
  7. you probably need a certain skript addon
  8. RecipeSK

    Forums App

    ^ They probably wont do so.
  9. on break of iron ore: cancel event drop 1 of iron ingot at location of event-block set event-block to air
  10. I recommend using chat format, instead of broadcast
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