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  1. ***DISCLAIMER*** PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS IT TAKES 5MIN. OF YOU'RE TIME! Hi, I am a new member to the minehut community and I see that the biggest part of time people always leave on servers but how does that come? The biggest asked question on that moment is, : do I stay or leave and what is the goal on this server or what can I do here, now I am trying to find an answer on this question that's why I am creating this topic today. Minecraft have always been a passion for me but I had to create a goal for me to do or else I would get bored, now my question for everyone in this big community is when you are joining on al this random servers and every time you leave. Why do you leave? What is the reason that you are not interested? Because there was only 1 player online, or because there was no spawn area too much mobs in the night you got instantly killed, people cursing? I would like to listen to some feedback so we could learn from this not only me but also other people reading this topic. Please write you're opinion down what you would like to see on a server, what you're goal could be in a survival server, which themes you like, teleport to places or walk. Curious to see what you peeps are interested in. Have a great day everyone! Regards Sven, From the Sfhaans.minehut.gg server.
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