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    Minehut supports 1.15, but servers will still be on 1.14.4 paper until there is a stable build!
  2. This is fire :rofl: do a benny sterotype LOL
  3. Hello, @Hjacob215! There isn't anyway to adding a non-listed plugin to Minehut. You can recommend it though. Also, you can make a shop in Skript. https://forums.skunity.com/threads/shop-gui.8088/
  4. Starting a new forums series of me answering questions!


  5. Hello! This will be apart of a forums series of answering questions why you can't do certain things on Minehut's console/panel or in-game! Minehut has a exploit with custom player-made plugins. You can manipulate the root files and change the player count of you server without paying. To anyone who wants to add a custom plugin this is the reason why you cant! If you have any questions about anything else please comment them or message me on the forums! EDIT - Benny corrected me, the original reason is not valid. (The part about getting into a persons server.) IF YOU ENJOYED MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND COMMENT!
  6. You can also join the Minehut discord for support! Hope this helps!
  7. If this is something that deals with making your own plugin then it can't happen. Minehut doesn't allow users to create their own plugins due to being able to sabotage other servers through the plugins. I hope this helps!
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    @AwesomeSlash, you can download a world map copy. You can also copy the contents of the files as @Spiderlogical said. You can open the file editor and copy the text inside it and paste it inside a file on you computer. Folders hold files also. @Spiderlogical, I think this problem has been solved.
  9. Hello, @tokci! Welcome to the MineHut forums! If you ever need anything please let me or someone know! If you need support you can ask on the forums or on the Minehut discord! My discord: @bray#5871
  10. @tokci, yes it is down. Trent has already announced it in the discord. You can check the discord for updates about it. Minehut Discord
  11. Hello, @HyperionBlaze! The easiest way to do this is through Kiteboard, but it won't do the very best. Skript is the better one to use. Here is a skript I found online: every 5 seconds: loop all players: wipe loop-player's sidebar set name of sidebar of loop-player to "&b&lServer Name" set score "" in sidebar of loop-player to 10 set score "&bRank:" in sidebar of loop-player to 9 set {_prefix} to "%colored loop-player's prefix%" replace all "[" and "]" with "" in {_prefix} set {_suffix} to "%colored loop-player's suffix%" replace all "[" and "]" with "" in {_suffix} if length of {_suffix} is greater than 2: set score " %{_prefix}% &8+ %{_suffix}%" in sidebar of loop-player to 8 else: set score " %{_prefix}%" in sidebar of loop-player to 8 set score "&d" in sidebar of loop-player to 7 set score "&bMoney&8:" in sidebar of loop-player to 6 set score " &f%loop-player's balance%" in sidebar of loop-player to 5 set score "&e" in sidebar of loop-player to 4 set score "&bOnline&8:" in sidebar of loop-player to 3 set score " &f%number of all players%&8/&f100" in sidebar of loop-player to 2 set score "&2" in sidebar of loop-player to 1 Here are the dependencys it requires! SkQuery > https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/skquery Umbaska > https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/umbaska Skript > https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/skript I hope this helps!
  12. Hello @mightybrothers1, and good morning to you. You might want to join the MInehut Discord (Click me) and ask an admin to help you. You can also check your start up logs. I hope this helps!
  13. Thanks, could you please lock this as the problem is solved. Have a nice day!
  14. Minehut Support Team
    Thank you for applying for Minehut as a support member.
    Wish me luck!
  15. It's a question I see very often. That's a reason why I put it. Staff knowing the player is also to make sure they will be able to talk to someone if they make it to the staff team.
  16. the reason of that is so the person who know the applicant can know how they act and how mature they are. i'll re-word it to say it correctly. Simple error
  17. new guide ❤️ please read

  18. Hello! This is a guide about how to manage and maintain a staff team! In this guide, you will learn the basic permissions of different staff teams and how and what they do! I will also give you a list of basic roles to give your staff members when they first join. I will also show you how to promote someone/demote someone. I hope you enjoy! Making an application! The best way to make an application is to have a set of basic questions and hard ones asking about a situation. Here is a great example! (You may use it!) Name: Age: Timezone: When did you first join? Who do you know on the staff team?n Do you have any experience in moderation? Have you ever been staff before on any server? Are you able to join staff calls? Asking questions that you know are hard to lie on is the best to do! It'll also give the applicant some relieve that they wont have to answer incredibly hard questions during the application. Make sure to give ALL applicants interviews! It's SO important to give the applicant an interview so they can get to know you and you can get to know them. The best way to start an interview is to introduce your self and let them know what you do and what you expect. Let them know that you are there for them and will help them. The next step is to ask some questions. Always make sure that these questions are going to be asked to everyone who applies. You can also ask questions just for that person. The best questions to ask are ones of situations. Such as - Someone gets muted and the community is mad about it. What would you do? This question is a great one. You'll be able to get an idea of what they will do in a situation such as this one. Accepting applicants! This step is the hardest one, you need to take every bit of information into play. You need to make sure the applicants are active enough. If they aren't then just take them off of your list. Make sure that they are dedicated to the server, and make sure they help around your server. Pick the best out of them all and make sure to double check they are. Breaking the news! This is probably the best and worst part! People will be mad and happy. You should find a time dedicated to looking over applications and posting the accepted applicants. I would recommend announcing it on discord and letting them introduce themselves to the community as staff members. What ranks should I have on my server? There are different types of ranks you could have. Here is a list I recommend: Junior Moderator This rank is a trial and should last around 2 months. You will need to teach them the basics of your staff team and how to work with others! Moderator This is the end of the Junior Moderator's trials and this is the next step. They should be knowledgeable on the server and how to work with others. Senior Moderator This is a HUGE step up. They should be able to help other staff members and be able to manage them and teach them. Also ability to help with the application process. Admin This rank is the highest someone should be able to go. They manage the staff team and train them. They should be able to make important decisions. They need to be able to lead teams and report to the owners the staff teams behaviors and progress. END! Thank you all for reading this and I hope it helps! If you want a part 2 please comment and like!
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    Please don't double post and yes through the api.
  20. Skyblock is great. Skript is also great to. ProtoccolSupport for pvp also. @N1ceFl1ps
  21. Welcome to the @Calastics! If you ever need anything please let me know or anybody. If you need help join the Minehut discord.
  22. @McThistle, this problem was solved. Could you please lock it?
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