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  1. Mikeism


    Hmm, I suggest you contact an moderator/admin via discord. Heres the minehut discord link: [https://discord.gg/minehut] Also next time post this in the help/support section!
  2. I suggest you DM a moderator or that moderator in specific, and ask him if he's got the correct username or if he's forgot. [Via discord | Link to Minehut discord: https://discord.gg/minehut]. Usually this doesn't happen, there can sometimes be miscommunication....
  3. Play minecraft, cmon! Really expect me to be a FBI duck? Cmon....
  4. Mikeism

    COVID - 19

    I completely agree
  5. Hmm probs :shrug:
  6. Mikeism

    server help

    I don't believe there is, if someone griefed it.... I'm not 100% sure but contact someone who knows more....
  7. Well many plugins work with 1.15.2 it all depends on the server your making, next time specify plugins/a type of server your making which will make it easier for me to answer!
  8. Mikeism

    COVID - 19

    Hmm I also am immune
  9. Mikeism

    COVID - 19

    Alright guys, we all know what it is. If you have it, gg, you will NOT die theres a big chance you survive, don't be sad, bare it. As all of you know, most schools are down due the the virus, playing minehut is essential to cure the needs and to forget all about COVID - 19. Well guys, stay safe, don't go near others to remain healthy and to live a great life without the Corona Virus! Thank you fellow minehut peers, and stay safe. APRIL FOOLS Haha sike, I am immune lol, and your not HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I win. jk again
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