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  1. username: varcitiez offense: Fly, killaura, antikb (Scaffolding prior) evidence: (Attached) varcitiez.mp4
  2. Username: Tygodeleukste Offense: Reach // Killaura Evidence:
  3. Username: Reddurs Offense: Team Griefing // Spawn Blocking Evidence:
  4. Username: Currents_ Offense: NoSlow You can see he goes to draw the bow and doesn't slow down at all while doing it, and then you can see/hear him take the shot aswell. I called him out in chat when I was telling a mod I had a video of it and he dipped. Evidence:
  5. Username - Doniaker Offense - SafeWalk // Autoclicker In this at times you can see when they don't place a block or at the beginning he sort of stops at the edge of the block, at the end was a bit weird that he stopped right when a mod teleported to him? He either might have toggled or the block he placed caused him to fall. I know I /reported fairly quickly because I wanted to get the online juniors opinion on my suspicion. Even if this evidence is insufficient it might be enough to raise further suspicion on him of possibly closet cheating. Evidence -
  6. Username: Artifacting What punishment did you receive: Mute (4 hours) Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: I said L to a hacker who was flying around killing people with killaura. I've said that multiple times before and staff never got on to me for it. What were the events that led to your punishment: ^ Additional comments: I was told to appeal it in the discord by a jr mod
  7. Username: JustBoyR_YT Offense: Killaura Evidence:
  8. Username: JacobMCPlays Offense: Scaffold // reach prior to recording Evidence:
  9. Username: NeKroSzzz Offense: Literally his name is the n-word Evidence: https://prnt.sc/xdml2a (basically proof hes played a while without getting punished) I even informed a mod (ekuzo) about it and they did nothing except keep playing the game.
  10. Username: papyo offense: scaffold evidence:
  11. I submitted this before someone pinged a mod on discord my bad
  12. User Name - GlitchYT Offense - AntiKB // other cheats Evidence -
  13. Look at the context, that guy just joined and said that.
  14. I havent logged on in a while (months) then on the 16th I decided to come back cuz it was on the front page and i gave it a try and liked it, I got a new IP recently cuz I was being DDoSed, I was on CookedFry and then went to Tilted acc and got banned after a bit on it.
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