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  1. I'm sure this is what you meant. To use this, simply go to the location you want the end portal frame to teleport you and then type /setendlocation . Once done that, step on a end portal frame and see if it works. on step on end portal frame: teleport player to {endportallocation} command /setendlocation: permission: admin.setendlocation trigger: set {endportallocation} to player's location send "&aSet the location to &2%{endportallocation}%"
  2. hey mr trent can you update FAWE so we can use it with worldguard? thank you
  3. Who's excited for the new Minecraft Dungeons or 1.15???
  4. Hi, I'm muffin I don't eat muffins because i'm a muffin that is called cannibalism no one should eat muffins i'm not going crazy
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