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  1. Comes with OP, owner, creative mode and whitelist add. hpirondude.minehut.gg is a Harry Potter RPG server, and I need to skript the spells with projectile, but on damage doesn't work in a command for some reason. Thanks!
  2. Email me at 1fwurya@hdsb.ca if you have experience with skripting. I need debugging help, I'm a beginner at skripting. hpirondude.minehut.gg (whitelisted, email me to be on the whitelist).
  3. I would like to suggest a Harry Potter plugin. (hpwizard.jar). You can find this file at https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/hpwizard-free.8836/. Please add this plugin, as Minehut doesn't support custom plugins (you should allow users to add files to the plugin folder, though). Thanks.
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