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  1. So I've uploaded a world, and it seems to have uploaded (the file shows up on the file manager page) and I can even use /worlds to go to it, but the actual world doesn't match the world I downloaded. I've checked the file that was uploaded's region and it is correct. My file is approx. 55 MB large Thanks in advance!
  2. Comes with OP, owner, creative mode and whitelist add. hpirondude.minehut.gg is a Harry Potter RPG server, and I need to skript the spells with projectile, but on damage doesn't work in a command for some reason. Thanks!
  3. Email me at 1fwurya@hdsb.ca if you have experience with skripting. I need debugging help, I'm a beginner at skripting. hpirondude.minehut.gg (whitelisted, email me to be on the whitelist).
  4. I would like to suggest a Harry Potter plugin. (hpwizard.jar). You can find this file at https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/hpwizard-free.8836/. Please add this plugin, as Minehut doesn't support custom plugins (you should allow users to add files to the plugin folder, though). Thanks.
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