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  1. The spawn area should be exit only unless you use /spawn. Here's my combat tag skript, Action Combat Tag Plus. # Action Combat Tag Plus [ACT+], by EnderEyeGames/root@kali on damage of a player: attacker is a player {actplus.immune.%victim's uuid%} is not 1: {actplus.time.%victim's uuid%} is not set: send "&6[&c&lACT&e+&6]&c You are now in combat. Do not log out." to victim set {actplus.time.%victim's uuid%} to 12 set {actplus.combatant.%victim's uuid%} to "%attacker%" {actplus.immune.%attacker's uuid%} is not 1: {actplus.time.%attacker's
  2. ActionCombatTag+ is a full combat tag solution that makes the CombatLogX plugin obsolete. It includes features such as freezing combat tag while sprinting and an option to be immune to combat tag as an admin. ACT+ also tracks the "combatant" of a combat tagged player, allowing combat log kills to be credited. Combat time is shown on the actionbar. # Action Combat Tag Plus [ACT+], by EnderEyeGames/root@kali on damage of a player: attacker is a player {actplus.immune.%victim's uuid%} is not 1: {actplus.time.%victim's uuid%} is not set: send "&6[&c&lACT&e+&a
  3. I apologize for potentially necroposting, but I actually have that skript. command /crash <player> [<text>]: permission: utrollplus.crash permission message: &6[&cUT+&6]&c You need utrollplus.crash! usage: &6[&cUT+&6] &4/crash <player> [reason] trigger: arg 2 is set: send title "&4Artificially crashed:" with subtitle "&c%arg 2%" to arg 1 for 5 seconds with fadein 0 seconds and fade out 0 seconds wait 1 tick execute console command "/execute as %arg 1% at @s run particle flame ~ ~ ~ 1 1 1 1 999999
  4. With this skript, an explosion that does not occur in a liquid will damage obsidian. You can add other explosion-proof blocks if need be. A potato is used to check the damage of obsidian, just like CosmicPvP ages ago. Damage to obsidian regenerates on server restarts as it is metadata. on explosion: block at entity is not water or lava loop blocks in radius 4 around entity: loop-block is obsidian loop-block has metadata "damage": metadata value "damage" of loop-block is "highly damaged": break loop-block using diamond pickaxe metadata value "damage" of loop-
  5. This already exists. It's called /whitelist.
  6. I have noticed that many servers tend to either forgo plugins altogether or download tons and tons of plugins, none of which are Skript. The former results in boring servers that aren't any better than singleplayer, and the latter results in horribly laggy servers because Minehut servers simply do not have the RAM to handle 50 plugins. This is why I suggest adding extended information into the Server Browser signs for each server: [Server Name] [Server MOTD] Plugins: X* TPS: X* Players: X/10 *Suggested Below are a few screenshots of what a server sign might look like with
  7. These trolls are simple, but they are guaranteed to make players mad! There's crash, a login troll, pushing, and obliteration! Guide: - /crash <player> [reason] - crashes a player's game instantly. If you specify a reason, it will pop up in their unresponsive game and be broadcast to all players. If not, it looks like a legit crash. Yes, this is allowed on Minehut. - /hacktroll <player> - Basically it bans them for 90 seconds. However, when this is done, they are first kicked out by an "unknown error" and then if they rejoin, it says "You are logged in from another loc
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