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  1. Hi there First of all, thank you for reading . So I used to play in a singleplayer world with my girlfriend through LAN (yes I'm a lucky guy). I now decided to move to a real server, mainly for better FPS at higher render distance (and so that my laptop would stop screaming for air). So here I am. I managed to upload the files (didn't work with the dashboard, but it did with the ingame command) and can now play in that world. All our things are there. But... I'm not that character that I used to be anymore. I'm at level 1 and my inventory is empty. Any chance of getting back my inventory and levels (without using creative to just spawn things back, as that feels ugly)? Many thanks in advance Mr_Stokje PS: Really enjoying the well worked out tutorials. Those two guys with their silly jokes really make me laugh
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