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  1. sadpiano

    Do you remember...

    only a real one if you remember the ranks when they were star tiers. VIP = ✪ PRO = ✪✪ LEGEND = ✪✪✪
  2. sadpiano

    Do you remember...

    PVP in the lobby was also when they had boys you could drive around, aha. The fun times back then. You also had bonuses for killing staff, didn’t you?
  3. sadpiano

    Do you remember...

    I didn’t know that- thanks for telling me!
  4. sadpiano

    Do you remember...

    Who remembers the users normal boats normal was the guy that hacked minehut 4 years ago (gained admin rank, blew up the lobby and more) boats was that corrupt mod. yeah thats it.
  5. sadpiano

    Do you remember...

    I remember prohost.gs
  6. sadpiano

    hit 100 posts

    yay officially hit 100 posts
  7. 1 post to 100 posts.. first non-staff to hit 100 posts
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