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  1. Nookn

    xmuel cool

    is great.. right?
  2. Nookn

    xmuel cool

    no its correct u big dumb
  3. Nookn

    xmuel cool

    nonono good boy
  4. the reason this isnt going into the skript section is because im probably going to remove it and they would bully me ok here
  5. cow doesnt mean it... he's actually a really bad bully.
  6. xmuel aint gonna survive this life... jk good job guys
  7. SUGGESTION Favourite Servers -- The ability to add a server to your favourites, which opens a completely new GUI inside of the server finder tool. -- EG. /favourite upcoming UPCOMING has been added to your favourites list! /favourites -- This would benefit the community as a whole as people enjoy some servers, and they either crash and forget the server name, or the server just doesn't use discord to connect with its members, which is a struggle for us all when we join an actual good server and want to keep joining it. -- Interested in thi
  8. First of all this is in the wrong sub-category. There is a sub-category called Suggestions for a reason. Secondly, if Trent were to develop this into Minehut, I'd doubt he'd make it free. If Minehut wished to create more income, they'd sell server icons to the ranked players, or using credits. Overall, Minehut wont give free benefits towards Server Icons, as it'd be a loss of income.
  9. ha got you now comment to make this the most commented post
  10. Regular Cake Flavoured Water or Plain Water
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