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  1. Be cool and update skript to 2.5.2, thank you. https://github.com/SkriptLang/Skript/releases
  2. it is better to use list variables over nest variables
  3. skquery has border syntaxes if you are interested
  4. it is better to use functions
  5. There is a scoreboard system floating around in #skript in the Minehut discord, you can find it in there.
  6. still usable, but its better to use something that is more up-to-date, especially when skript-placeholders is an Ersatz fork
  7. It gives each player a random item. If you want everyone to get the same item, set a var to an item before giving the items to the players.
  8. Setting blocks within an area should do the trick, but requires an addon to get a cube region.
  9. on place of bedrock: if player doesn't has permission "place.bedrock": cancel event
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