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  1. PyroPi

    [!] CLICK [!]

    Thought you guys wouldn't notice reeeeeee
  2. PyroPi

    [!] CLICK [!]

    I'm thinking of this HUGE MineHut project. And I need a team -Builders -Scripters -Dev's -Moderators Etc DM me if you are interested must have Discord
  3. I would say both but more aesthetics since you can have amazing gameplay and story but people will just leave if they see a bunch of dirt builds
  4. @lotix If you're thinking of making a game you should let me help ;);)
  5. You forgot the part where you wnveunu9vnerrnu49trnvuejvnwriunu4wtnun4rng smh smh
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    2. Jackson85


      Between you and me, you're my new favorite opponent for who rules the forums. (That's a good thing)

    3. PyroPi
    4. Jackson85
  7. PyroPi


    This is why xMuel is one of the most hated moderators
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