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    2. Jackson85


      Between you and me, you're my new favorite opponent for who rules the forums. (That's a good thing)

    3. PyroPi
    4. Jackson85
  2. As one gets closer to the truth. The other gets farther from the lie.

  3. Tehee I'm exited for Saturday

    1. Jackson85


      Teehee. I’m excited for every day. (I can’t wait to see if my question is chosen or if I go to the trash heap)

    2. PyroPi
  4. Congrats on Jr.Mod. 

    1. Spiderlogical
    2. PyroPi


      Do problem :DD You're one of the people who deserve it

  5. CyberRyan ain't that good of a mod. Tehee. But meh

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