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  1. It now shows in game that when I run commands it asks if my permissions manager is working.
  2. contentcoding2

    Pex Erroring

    Hey I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing issues with PEX/PermissionsEx, but it keeps erroring when i try to reload its permissions. The only error I could find was below: https://pastebin.com/nS841GG0 It seemed like an internal error, so I was gonna ask around if anyone had this happen before.
  3. After checking logs, I have found it was due to another plugin.
  4. Hi, my server recently started crashing and I have no idea why. I join and see the void, then just get kicked after like 14ms, and it says Server Closed. I read somethings that said it could be a fail warps and essentials needs to be reset, but I don't know. I tried deleting my user data in essentials, but it did nothing, commands work on the home page of the panel but its only when i join the server. Thanks, Axel
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