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  1. BluBoy3ch0

    Uploading Data Packs

    Check out this video on how to install datapacks: Note: Minehut does not support folder uploads so it might take you a while to upload each file.
  2. I believe that it would because the generated files are still part of the configuration for the plugin. I recommend that you use a text editor to edit your skripts rather than the dashboard.
  3. BluBoy3ch0

    How to use functions?

    https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Function_(Java_Edition) Check out this link for information on Java Edition Functions
  4. Check out this video here: Note: Minehut does not support folder uploads so you will have to install them manually each file at a time.
  5. A few things you could do, check your logs.latest for any server errors when attempting to cache the world, then if you see something there, try to solve that or send me a picture or link so I can try to see what the issue is. If you also haven't already, try to restart your server. Then try to /dl world again and see if it works.
  6. add stops so in the code, after one thing runs like it gives you the kit and runs the items, add a stop so that the code halts and doesn't continue to the else statement
  7. If there is a plugin not already on minehut you want added, then make a request in the correct section of the forums.
  8. Yeah I don't know who would actually use them, but they do work...
  9. They should, skript allows for both these files, at least from my experience they have always worked
  10. You cannot do that using the skript addons in minehut, you can use plugins such as CrackShot or QualityArmory which have guns (also by cannot do that, i mean you cannot have the textures of the guns), you can certainly take the time to make the guns, but the sounds and the textures would be needed to be added seperately
  11. command discord: trigger: send "<link:https://somelink.com>Click ME!<reset>" #replace the https://somelink.com with your discord invite
  12. Just a piece of advice, for large sections like the format of gray pane glass, you can just set slots from a number to a number, rather than just doing each line individually
  13. And yeah as Reassembly said. Skript files are not .jar's or .zips . Skript files are either .sk or .txt so what you are downloading is not a skript.
  14. Minehut does not allow these types of files (especially .jar) as they can do more to interfere with the server and Minehut itself, for the same reason they don't allow skript-mirror or reflect, is due to the fact as with .jar you can get data about the server, and in this case you can get data about Minehut and its database. Also using an external jar for a plugin could result in issues as the plugin wouldn't be regulated and could do virtually anything which could cause damage to Minehut. While it would be great for the people who want to do good, those who seek to do bad will be able to with
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