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  1. File.io keeps giving me an error message saying upload failed. I'm able to play it offline with no issues though.
  2. I believe there were miscommunications. I reset the server, then tried adding the world afterwards. It says to me "download failed, invalid files" in chat
  3. It is a compressed zip file. I followed the video click by click and i have successfully uploaded worlds before resetting my server. Now i cant at all
  4. I'm unable to upload the backup of my server's world. I've tried a few different file sharing sites like Google Drive, file.io, and a few others. But when I input the command on server, I get a message saying Upload Failed, Invalid Files. The file is just under 900MB https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PvehGgO0SuvZ8OBU2n6a7jsMg62lmKEA/view?usp=sharing here is a link to the file
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