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  1. Kane_sw

    Version 1.14.3

    okay got it! thanks Xounaut
  2. Kane_sw


    thank you!
  3. Kane_sw

    Version 1.14.3

    i have the same problem but my minecraft launcher wont let me choose between versions, doesn't show other than 1.14.3. how can I go back to my 1.14.2?
  4. Kane_sw


    I started it in the 1.14.2. and with the last update (1.14.3) server says its out of date. Does anyone know if minehut going to update to this or any idea how to play my map again?
  5. I had the same problem. What I did was unlist my server and shut down both minecraft and the server, once loading again the privacy changed. i used to have people entering my world frequently and after this no one has entered again, IDK if this might help, hope
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