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  1. Alright look. I've had my fair share of fun on PlexPVP. I've even made two videos on the amazing server, but it is my time to go, (explanation below videos) Links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5HM9G4GUFg This is an amazing server, but I'm quitting. A staff member, let's call them "S", muted me for 60 minutes for telling a player "Shut up ; or else ; ill die" I was trying to have fun and games, then the player proceeded to try to get me muted like 20 times. I messaged S "Are you serious" and he says "yup". He said I disrespected staff, in which I didn't, then said you disrespected the player. At this point, this bullshit was too much. I've had problems with staff on here before, and I'm not putting up with it anymore. This is an awesome server, 10/10 to the end, but I am saying farewell. Bye Plex. - DIslikeYourVideo P.S: Thanks for everything TastqHalloween. The VIP, the youtube recogniton, everything. I'm dedicated my fun to you.
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