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  1. I am trying to upload a world. I have tried to upload using the panel. The upload reaches 100%, but then nothing happens. When I run the /world ul_<filename> command in game, I am told that my world does not exist. <filename> is the name of the world, correct? So, when I upload "trial1.zip" my file name is: <trial1> ? I have also tried to upload in game. I have uploaded a zip file to my dropbox, and. like a saw below, changed the "=0" to "=1". I then run the command: /ul world <name> <link> with name = trial1 & link = https://www.dropbox.com/s/d1tx5qjdmwfndym/Trial1.zip?dl=1 I am told that the upload failed! No Protocol. Please offer a little advice. Your help is appreciated.
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