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    Woah! I've been staff for a whole year now?! I mean, I still remember the day I got accepted as if it were yesterday, I remember Motionq, Benny and Spazzs discussing my interview whilst I'm in the AFK channel talking to myself with a 2000 Hz squeaky voice, I mean, it was truly spectacular. Most people would expect a giveaway at this moment and to be completely honest with you, I was thinking of making discord nitro, rank upgrade, VIP giveaway and all sorts but thatโ€™s just unfair to the users that have been beside me throughout my time on Minehut. Iโ€™ve got to know so many players and their stories, I made hundreds of servers with only 10% of them getting released, I honestly canโ€™t thank Luke enough for the idea he made, itโ€™s amazing. Anyways, I donโ€™t want to take up too much of your time. Thank you for staying throughout my journey though
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    Glad that Molly is on our team as I would be scared to oppose her. She has the power of corgis.
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    Hey, we have chosen to accept your application. Message me on discord if you wish to continue with the application process.
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    Question Answered. Answer: This post has been locked
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    I've been playing Minehut for nearly 4 years, and have met many different people over that time. I don't know you to well, but you seem like a really cool person. Congratulations on your first year as a Minehut Moderator.
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    It's amazing to see that you've dedicated so much time and effort to Minehut and the community, congratulations on your 1 year.
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    Just to add to what @FadelessBanjo has said, you might want to contact Minehut Support at https://minehut.com/app/support and ask if they have a save of your world backed up somewhere.
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    - | - Hey there. Unfortunately, you cannot add Mods to your Minehut server. You can however add plugins via the Plugins tab in your Minehut Panel If you want your server to support versions 1.8+, then get the Protocol Support plugin Hope this helps! - | -
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    You became staff on my thanksgiving, grats.
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    Yeah I know, still remember getting caged up by @Ceppy
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    This is an amazing achievement. It's been amazing working with you in the Support Team, on Dimes and everywhere else.
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    That's cool! I've been on Minehut for 2-3 years on and off but being staff for a whole year? That is even better!
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    It's really great seeing the community being positive like this!!!
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    We did one of these before, but it has been a while. Tell us something amazing that happened to you this last week! Do not be humble! Here is mine: My husband gave me this blanket for our anniversary
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    get in losers, we' re going shopping!
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    Avatar: The Last Airbender was finally added to UK Netflix, so I've watched like two season in two days.
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    Too...much... math.... Your knowledge impresses me! I had to look up 'isomorphic' to remember what it was!
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    Super exciting! I used to use a blue yeti in high school in my production class. The sound quality is great for voice recoding! Are you going to use it for your animations? I also just found out that you can totally make corgi ASMR with the microphone. I say that's pretty worth it! .
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    I hope this was what you were looking for https://superleague.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032726914-How-do-I-change-my-server-version-
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    Weโ€™re so sorry admins youโ€™re so misunderstood.
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    Hey y'all! We have a new Customer Support Specialist here at Minehut. Please give a warm welcome to @Ashley! Our team grows! ....clearly they are all corgis... except @Mr_Kurtis who is a craw fish.
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    In the future, you can use the whitelist function to stop other users joining your server. A tutorial on this can be found here.
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    Moved to Suggestions. Please use the correct categories for future reference. As for my take on this thread, " a different hosting server " would seem to, in reality, limit premium players. While, yes, it's a great idea, Minehut operates on multiple dedicated servers - not just one. So if we wanted an entire set of new nodes rather than just the ones we have now, we'd either have to get rid of some of the ones we have (which can hardly keep up with the rapidly growing player base) or purchase new ones, when there are more important factors we should focus on such as performance. Prioritizing support for premium members doesn't make much sense either. Our support team does not see rank, does not even consider it, when assisting someone. By giving premium users faster support, you're restricting users of a service that should be provided to all members of the community at the same pace. Additionally, seeing as you stated it'd be a monthly payment, for all the perks you're requesting, it's very unrealistic for this to be between $5 and $15 per month. Mainly because you can buy credits for cheaper than that and easily run a server with a decent amount of slots and ram for a reasonable amount of time. Lastly, getting early access to plugins really isn't likely, as the Plugins Team often creates a Minehut fork of plugins, which takes enough time as it is. Doesn't make sense to hold plugins for extra time. I do think getting early access to other things is a brilliant idea for our donors though! Please don't take this as me attacking your thread or anything. This is just my view. Anyone else's is just as good as mine!
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    Your request has been answered! Locked - Requested and Poll ended
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    Welcome to the team, Ashley.
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    I installed Creates Plus to find out i can create crates but not edit them, so what's the point in the plugin if you can't even use it?
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    Hope your time here is great!
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    Genuinely looks cool, canโ€™t wait!
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    It works pretty well, funny thing is I got alerted of my own server when I was testing this without an auto clicker I caped at 21 CPS and got banned by a staff member lmao I was dying. I was on an alt so they didn't know it was me so ya xD. (I am an old PotPvPer and have been practicing for years so that is why I can click like that at times so I don't think much/any people will have this problem!) *mouse = glorious model 0*
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    Are any of you still alive? Good, at least we have somewhat of an audience to show off to! This past week we have finally pulled up our socks and got down to business with building (and some developing)! I'd say we've done about 20% of building required until there'll be enough for an open alpha for all of you to come and try out. Enough talk, here's a few screenshots of what has been done: The Quarry. The first area you will visit, For the future pictures, none of the stone has been detailed as we have yet to decided what areas will have what stone variations, so not all the caves look the same! Groveshire, the first town you visit. Here, there'll be a few NPCs to interact with, along ways to acquire and upgrade items. It's a peaceful but very drab place due to the economy here not doing so good. Simply a sceenshot of a part in the Groveshire mines. Nothing to spectacular, but this will be a common sight throughout the first half of the first area. The 'Forgotten Drop'. A hub of sorts, with many caverns connecting to the huge drop with a broken elevator in the middle that runs all the way down, with scaffolding around the outside of it. There's water at the bottom so it's a perfect place to practice diving. A small ravine with lava at the bottom, utilising the new 'campfires' to add a lot more atmosphere to the place by making the smoke look like it's coming from the lava. 'The Great Bridge', a bridge made of a peculiar blue stone that has began to crumble over the ages. It goes across a large ravine with a sea of lava at the bottom. I wonder where it leads? Thanks you for sticking with us, I cannot promise to give regular updates but I can promise you updates nonetheless.
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    Pretty decent skript however there are a few changes that can be made to make it better: Replace the give 1 compass named "&cSelect Minigame" to player to set slot 4 of player to compass named "&cSelect Minigame" Instead of using skQuery GUI's you could use TuSKe as it is much better. Maybe add a way of managing what minigames there are (some sort of GUI or command to add minigames etc) However overall this seems like it could be useful to many people. Good job
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    Banned for having a default banner
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    Could you add in DragoNet/DragonProxy please? I've seen that this plugin can allow players from bedrock edition to join Java Servers. I'm tryna play with my cousin lol. https://github.com/DragonetMC/DragonProxy
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    We don't allow .zip because .zip is what a .jar file is... You can upload .mcmeta files directly on the file manager.
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    Username: canadauwu What punishment did you receive: ban Was the punishment fair: no Why should you be unpunished: I am not autoclicking. What were the events that led to your punishment: I was running back to my side on Turf Wars and then randomly got banned Additional comments: ??? This must be a joke
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