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    Minehut Build Team Thanks for taking interest into joining the Minehut build team! We are currently looking for two new builders to join the Minehut build team! We need people to help assist us in building our new Minehut lobby, as well as to help work on a few other projects we currently have going up. Format (Copy + Paste) Username: Age: Location (Country/State): Timezone: How much time can you dedicate per week? Previous Experience (Please include if you are currently on another build team as well and if so, whether you currently get paid or not): Portfolio/Pictures of your previous builds:
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    yeah this is just a generic 200 post milestone post so yeah. Also GG to Jackson on 1k posts
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    Read this. I wrote it before this so it may not make sense, if you want more parts just reply kthx bye https://docs.google.com/document/d/12AAS3iXG8UTak0Zj4jIw34-rRQ9fHjX-kaQyUGfaAHE/edit
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    You're getting close kid but not there yet.
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    4-4=0 and 404 has a zero so you end up getting two 0s, which represents the two eyes of the hoster. With this we conclude that the hoster of the gameshow is actually looking for our replies here to see something... A mystery is upon us. Not found in this context stands for his current stand on the situation. He has not found on us what he seeks.
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    Oooh! Excited to see who will be pink next!
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    I doubt that the person threatening to "DDoS" you actually knows what a DDoS is or how to execute one; they were most likely being childish, immature and trying to sound threatening. Minehut has substantial DDoS protection in place, so any attempt to launch an attack would be unsuccessful. I recommend you ignore this person and not give in to their immaturity and ignorance.
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    Build Team Applications are now open! Are you interested in joining the Minehut build team? We are currently looking for two new builders to help join our team and help work on build projects for Minehut! The main project we are currently working on is a new lobby, but we're also working on a few other projects that needs assistance on. If you are pretty good at building and have a nice history of building, I would highly recommend for you to check it out and try applying! We only have 2 spaces open so you might as well go for it, the worse that can happen is you getting a denial message! Interested in joining? Check out the format below and apply today! Click here or click the embed located below.
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    Yeah, I can understand that reasoning. Anywho thanks for the clarification, guess I'll just have to keep looking
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    Always happy to help! Question answered Topic Locked
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    Probably aesthetics It's nice to see some good builds here and there.
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    I'll check it out later, thank you!
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    IGN (Minecraft Username) - Moi2real Age - 15 Discord Tag (Ex. _RichieNy#0002) - Benedek_Csonka#9791 Are you a member of the discord? - Yes also i have a working mic Why should we accept you as a Staff Member? - I think you should accept me as staff so i can help people (Staff and players) on the server. I would Help staff by trying to help players as fast as possible so they don't have to deal with it also i would help the staff team by being really active and helping alot. What makes you think you are a better choice for staff? - I think i'm really unique in a way with my helping and moderating skills I also know Basic Scripting and Configuration. I can be active for 5+ Hours on a Monday - Thursday and 6-7+ Hours on Friday - Sunday Do you think you can deal with multiply situations at once? - I think I can handle multiple situations at once really good Situations If a player makes an appeal asking to be unbanned, but does not follow the correct format. What would you do? - Deny His appeal and say "Your appeal has been denied because you haven't use the correct format for the appeal please check the format and make a new appeal" If you find a player hacking what would you do? - I would Ask them to screen share with me on discord to confirm that their hacking and if they leave without screen sharing ban them for the appropriate amount of time and the appropriate Reason If a player is botting the server, what would you do? - I would mute the chat and start banning the bot / bots forever and then clear the chat If a player begins to be toxic towards another player, what would you do? - Warn them to stop and if they continue mute them for the appropriate amount of time. Anything else you would like us to know? - Thanks for reading my application and I would like to let you know that I also speak 4 languages My main language is English But my nationality is Hungarian so i speak English,Hungarian,Irish & currently learning Spanish.
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    We have to decided to ACCEPT your application you will be contacted on discord soon regarding the interview stage.
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    Advertising is perfectly fine as long its hosted by ValkNet. All rules listed here: https://valknet.namelesshosting.com/rules/ Post Locked ~TacticalModz
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    The server capacity may have been reached. Try again later, or, as said by @lotix, read up the article.
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    Thanks for the support 835gw
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    You know how to eat, you know how to breathe. But lets not forget about the 3 most important thing. SLEEPING! I will teach you in 3 easy steps! 1. Lay down on a confronting layer of something 2. Close your eyes 3. Redo iemfmiewignu83nergu9uerinb9rnb8u9nr89bj8r9bn89trn89 n89jh85nt r89nbih94jb9nr57unji04r98n489unbiu4nt8ub9iotnb8u9r4nbre8unfiwmvotrn7u3niuvr4n 3nunu Now you knownofn ieo3bnginr8b hhow to slepepp bEuca cayreuwi9jfeu09rbg8wn4ijnb8unburnwubnutn9ibmrubni9qerunu nnenygbruenwf8re.exeeugnberybgu8ernineunviewmjihbu reunwjmvnwuenueinuneuopwuenunufnwe
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    I like the pink name colour, so if you become a builder enjoy it!
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    Quick Info Server Name: Gravestone Server IP: Gravestone.minehut.gg Server Owner: xMuel Server Discord: https://discord.gg/hXs8MbB Happy Featured Server Friday, everyone! We made it to November!!! I know it's the day after Halloween, but in my opinion it's never too late in the year to get ~spoopy.~ With that, let's check out this week's Featured Server, Gravestone! Gravestone is a new server that challenges your teamwork and PvP skills. The goal of the game mode is to capture the pumpkin from the center point and return it back to your team's base. Doing so will earn you one point and restart the game. This cycle continues until one team reaches 5 points. The server has recently introduced kits with unique tools and abilities! One kit includes a frozen sword with a chance to freeze enemies, while a vampire-themed kit grants players the ability to steal hearts from enemies with every hit. Players can access kits by spending coins. The server is also developing a new map that will be launching in the near future, with plans to introduce seasonal maps and other features later on, including granting players the ability to choose their teams rather than be grouped randomly. When asked what he thought of the server, Trent turned around and full-out sprinted in the other direction. 2 spoopy 4 Trent, I guess! So it must be worth checking out. Join this up-and-coming new server at Gravestone.minehut.gg or using /join Gravestone! You can also join the server club at https://forums.minehut.com/forum/465-general/?ct=1572483684 Got a server you'd like featured? Tell us about it in the Featured Server Discord! See you next week!
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    Good luck to anybody whom are considering applying!
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    Good luck to anyone applying! Excited to see some new pink names
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    let the war in the replies begin
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    Lol, if I got it that would be amazing. ;-;
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    I've watched a lot, in the 300 range. But my favorites would be. Durarara ERASED One Piece and some more I cannot remember at this time ;-;
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    Ready to apply? Click here or visit the Build Team Applications category to get started!
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    Besides this one. Let's get on the case.
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    Next tutorial. How to annoy kids on the internet
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    Rip, they're getting 10 - 6 players day now.
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    I can not express with words how helpful this was. I’ll make sure to Jejueueiwisndiwidneniejdmdieiek next time.
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    MundoSK is a Skript Addon that allows you to create worlds easily with skript. This would help with a lot of functions in skript rather than having to use another plugin to create worlds. MundoSK also gives you access to a lot of features such as easily creating superflat worlds and combined with Skematic would allow you to create worlds with templates. https://forums.skunity.com/resources/mundosk.69/
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    am i the only one still scared that they are advertising fortnite on minecraft content?
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    Yes! More Skript addons please! +1
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    Probably in future updates
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    Basically, i've had an idea to make a server in mc where people can edit a custom world (with assigned territories, collaborative or just free for all), so i started making this map, but as i expect, no one will be interested in this so im just making this for fun.
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    Want something challenging huh? Here: Rarity: Legendary Name Necromancer Description: While pvping, with a chance of 30% it will spawn 10 wither skull which will rotate around you and shoot wither skull for 10 seconds. This thing will have a 10min cooldown Max level: 1 Description of level: N/A
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    Hay! Next time when you have a plugin suggestion can you always please send your plugin suggestions here https://forums.minehut.com/forum/20-plugins/ and the link to the pluign! .
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    Aight imma grab that and play singleplayer because it does not come with big spender.
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    Welcome back! I don’t think you’ll remember me, but you’ve made multiple builds for me in the past
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    Try making a unique server, something that Minehut or Minecraft has never seen. In most cases, those types of servers are the most popular and the most fun to play.
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    I think being able to change the server icon would be a neat addition. I don't know if you guys could get it working or not, but it'd be a really good way to personalize servers more.
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    basically this console would be merged with server command, and would allow for real time viewing of server logs, this would also make it easier to diagnose errors.
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    When appealing for a punishment, make sure you follow the format listed below. Please note that you cannot appeal for punishments shorter than 1 week, unless you believe your punishment was 100% unfair. Asking staff to read your appeal may result in an instant denial. IGN: Discord Tag (e.g. User#0000): Punishment Type (mute/ban): Reason of Punishment: When you were punished: Why should your punishment be reverted: Please attach evidence or anything that will support your appeal if possible. You can appeal every 2 weeks if you are denied. Also please do not respond to your own appeal unless asked to. Ready to appeal? Click here to start creating your appeal. Make sure you copy the format!
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