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    This Week's Plugin Updates (39) - June 25th AuctionHouse BedWars Big Doors ChatControl Citizens CrazyCrates CrazyEnvoy Custom Heads DefensiveTurrets Dupe Fixes/Illegal Stack Remover GadgetsMenu GameAPI GriefPrevention Flags HeadsPlus Horizon Landlord 2 Matrix mcMMO MineableSpawners MobHunting PhysicsToGo PlaceholderAPI PlotSquared PrisonRAnksX QuickShop Reremake RandomTP SellWands Sk-Perm skDragon skript-db SS Dynamic Shop StackMob StaffChatReloaded SurvivalPlus Tablisknu TempFly TrainCarts UHC-Core VillageDefense Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
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    I reached out to the author.
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    Hey, we'll be updating to 1.14.3 soon. We're waiting on a few third party programs we use to update. Spigot updated Bungeecord updated ProtocolSupport hasn't updated yet (lets previous versions join) Once ProtocolSupport updates, we'll update all of Minehut to 1.14.3 and support versions back to 1.8. If we updated now, we would only support 1.14.3 and no previous versions, so we're going to wait a little bit
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    This sounds like it could be a really cool minehut event @Ceppy
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    I was promoted to admin! Thanks everyone for the support, I really appreciate it. I will be trying to make the server better even more now. Ily
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    I think you deserve to be an admin Bear :).
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    Perfect. Glad I was able to help!
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    The dark theme is nice, but definitely needs improvements. I think the italic headers should be changed to non italic. The glowing effects look ugly imo The colors are definitely off, doesn't seem like a smooth transition from black to gray, for example in the index the headers have dark black backgrounds and the category backgrounds are light gray The dark purple that's around the forums doesn't really fit, especially in the profile page section I also don't think black should be part of the dark theme, I think it should just be dark gray to light gray I think that the dark them should literally just be the light theme but darker, no changes except color
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    i am trying to do a command and it says i have no permission
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    This Week's Plugin Updates (44) - June 17th AuctionHouse BeautyQuests BuildBattle ChatControl CitizensCMD ClearLag CombatLogX CommandDoesNotExist CraftBook Custom Jumppads CustomCrafting Enerpearl Cooldown Factions Blue GSit HeadsPlus Horizon HungerGames Jobs Reborn KillerMoney KitPvP LuckPerms in GUI Matrix mcMMO MF Hoppers MineableSpawners Minepacks MyPet Parkour PhysicsToGo PlotSquared PrisonRanksX Quests QuickShop Reremake RandomTP RedProtect Residence ShopKeepers Simple Elevators Sk-NBeeT Super Vanish Survival Plus TDG TempFly UltimateStacker Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
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    I've been using minehut for about a month now and have never had an issue. Now that 1.14.3 has been released i can't log into old servers and when i make new ones i can't use them either
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    Your eyes can relax, dark theme is now available! This theme was developed by Super League's design team built on top of the popular Borx theme. Please let us know if you find any issues or have any suggestions and post them over in the suggestions category. To enable, scroll to the bottom of any page, click the themes dropdown, and toggle between light and dark. Auto Reply to new DM All users can now setup auto replies to direct messages. You can enable this on the account settings page under "Auto Reply to PMs". This will send a response to the first message of a new conversation from any member. See the below spoiler for how I have mine setup.
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    Kind of sounds like an extended UHC, however, @Smjokster if you could shoot me a dm on either here or discord then it would be appreciated
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    Indeed. Status page is back up.
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    Honestly, the first server that came to my mind would definitely be a very well developed OG prison server, where you are literally in a prison and have to escape it while there are guards.
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    Welcome to StarUltra!
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    I remember Minehut in the past used to have featured / trending servers in the server selector menu but that later got removed. I do not know the reason as to why it was removed but I'd definitely like to see this feature added again! Sr. Mod+ could approve the server to be on the featured list. Becoming a featured server doesn't technically have any requirements really, getting featured means the content is creative & stands out in someway from the rest etc. I know the 'featured' list was in-game selector where you clicked on an icon and listed featured warps but now that the site seems to having more functions (e.g clubs) maybe there could be a specific page that shows featured servers. Just because your server gets featured doesn't mean you'll stay featured forever, you have to put the time and work into updating it has that quality content. As for categories, I think it would be a good feature to have to where people can categorize their server under what best fits their server description. Some of the categories I came up with were Survival, KitPvP, Prison, Minigame & Other. Upon selecting what category their server fits under, it'd update the icon in the server selector. So how would this look in the server selector? Well it'd still look similar the only difference now is there's an icon that is on the bottom row where the book & and totem of undying is and when you click on that new icon, it'll list all the different categories and when you click on one of the categories it'll then list all servers under that category. The reason behind categories is because it makes it easier for people to scroll for a specific type of server they're looking for instead of having to go through all those pages. Let me know what you guys think!
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    With repeated testing on the Generator settings, it does not function. Furthermore, the feature itself was removed after 1.13, hence having no use on the toolbar blah blah blah just remove it because it doesnt work
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    Heres an idea for the Minehut Admins: The file manager text edit is just slow and is bad to type in and could use an update. I have found a good editor for html that VSCode actually runs on suprizingly, its https://github.com/microsoft/monaco-editor and its really good. If possible, could you add this to the file manager and replace the current text editor. Thank you for listening! Heres an example: https://microsoft.github.io/monaco-editor/playground.html
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    You are executing that as console, not as the player. Do this instead: execute player command "/menu open %player% MShop"
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    Make a support ticket and wait, next time save the server (/save-all) before leaving and get the download link (/dl world) after you've done a lot of work
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    GoDead is the winner!!! You should be recieving your rank shortly
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    they work just fine if used right... `/portals sm` then select corner then opposite corner `/portals create <portal name>` go to destination and do `/portals sl <portals Name>` then can use the fill cmd
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    @ShaneBee Basically the patron of the #skript channel of the discord.
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    This is how I personally upload my world files. 1. Download a specific world from anywhere (PMC) 2. Drag and drop to Desktop. 3. Create and name a new WinRAR Zip Archive (WinRAR must be installed) 4. Open the downloaded world folder, and move region & level.dat into the named WinRAR Archive. 5. Open a browser and go to file.io 6. Upload your WinRAR Archive Folder to file.io 7. DO NOT HIT COPY LINK! (Reference Image) 8. Open your server, and do /mh >World Management > Upload a world > (name it) >Paste the link using CTRL + V If all goes well, It would've upload with no problem. Hope this helps in some way.
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    Personally, I think it would be a little nicer if the icons weren't glowing. I'm also not a massive fan of how the purple and gray are quite 'blocky', having it a lighter and darker shade of gray could be better, or maybe just by having it a single shade https://gyazo.com/ecc341e9931c2186dcc3a334213076c7 Otherwise, I think it's look pretty decent
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    @XXXCanadian @killergotrekt Just because something can be recreated in Skript doesn’t mean a plugin shouldn’t be added. Stating that on plugin suggestion threads adds nothing to the conversation and doesn’t help people who doesn’t know how to use Skript. In terms of the plugin: Yes it’s a cool plugin but it is a premium plugin. We’ll need to contact the plugin author and get permission from them before we would be able to add it to Minehut.
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    MVP not working..use Simple Portals..works fine and same as MVP essentials will get u /warps... and add perm node to use all or each warp..if use signs then have to enable signs in essentials,config and with kitpvp u need to give then right perm nodes to the rank/group permissions plugin (Permissionex - Groupmanager - Luckperms - zpermission)
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    Alrighty so this thread is VERY toxic and it's definitely going to cause drama/flame wars. Any bots you encounter, please be sure to report them to a Minehut Staff member so we can take action and ban the spambot. Minehut is trying it's best to stop these spambot attacks. Also, please don't be disrespectful to other players about what they like to choose to play. Obviously, I'm not a fan of Idling servers myself, however, I don't come to the point where I declare the person "braindead" because they like to idle on a server. Let them enjoy what they like to play. Locking thread. Just don't be toxic again 3: -MikeTheAngel
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    Idler is not responsible for the bots, just because you don't like the server doesn't mean everyone else dislikes it. There is no rule broken by Idler, the server should not be suspended.
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    On behalf of the StarUltra staff team, we apologize for the issue that happened. It was Ryanor's friend on his account, While some of you may be mad that he wasn't punished further, I understand. All posts criticizing our decision will be taken down.
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    Essentials is a ban plugin, there's also multiple other ban plugins already on Minehut. Next time, please suggest an exact plugin name.
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    Yum, my fav memory is when you had to install plugins from /controlpanel and you only had a limit of like 10 plugins unless ur vip or smth
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    Thor Shop is to work your pay up for [VIP] QUESTION ANSWERED POST LOCKED
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    Remember how I was mod ka-dab
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    We (Minehut) occasionally suspend servers for breaking our rules located here. If we do find your server in violation of our rules and you would like to appeal your server's suspension, copy the format below and post it in the "Appeals" category right here on the Minehut forums. Please make sure that you are the owner of the server before you start making an appeal for the suspension. Server Name: Why do you think the server is suspended? Why should we unsuspend your server? Additional Information: If you have any additional questions concerning anything related to server suspensions and what we do exactly suspend servers for, feel free to contact me or a senior moderator+ right here on the forums or to my Discord account (@BennyDoesTheStuff#0001) by joining the Minehut Discord server here.
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    I literally just came on here to put the same thing Haha so obviously: +1 <-- should be added to the panel's server properties
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    Pretty self-explanatory. Option is located in server.properties, shouldn't be hard to implement.
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    It's disabled for security reasons for the foreseeable future.
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    Air block. 1. You can breath underwater with it. 2. You will never run out of air. 3. You don’t have to mine it it’s always there for you. 4. In my opinion it’s the best looking block in the game. 5. We all use it in our builds don’t we?
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