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    The title explains the main point. Having line numbers is useful for remembering where things are, as well as helping other people out when editing the configuration files.
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    At the moment it is currently incredibly difficult to install datapacks to the server, since you cannot upload .zip files to the proper folder. Because of this, any datapack you wanted to install would have to be added file by file, which, especially on larger datapacks, is very time consuming. I'm aware that what you can do with a datapack, you can probably do with a plugin, but I still think the option should be there.
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    I feel like making it possible to edit files without having to activate the server would be nice. I am setting up datapacks for a server but it keeps timing out because of player activity so editing is annoying. I could just have my player join, but my PC is a tad slow and it would be great for people who are managing their server on a different machine. Any changes made would be updated upon restart or start of the server
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    Whilst it is a novel idea, this wouldn't work due to the fundamental way in which Minehut functions, attempting to make a http request to edit a file using Minehut's API while your player server is offlline, fails to return code 200, and results in an error. This could in theory work, but would require a massive overhaul of Minehut's internal services, and API (which would be nice regardless).
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    Hey there! It's time for another game bois and grills ^^ I'll explain how this works for the people who don't understand this game yet, basically you have to reply to the post and ban the person above you for some weird/random reason. Example: The person above you has an anime pfp, you reply to them saying /ban (user) [perm/any other time] Having an anime pfp Sounds easy right? Let's play
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    powys is a 2 month old server where any players can join and build (as long as it's a city building). Sometimes it's running, sometimes it's not, in which case you can start it with /join powys. 50% of all money raised from donations go to charity! This month's charity is CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Join the campaign to take a stand against male suicide and get the tools you need for action. Here's some screenshots!
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    My name is Ninventoo formerly known as Czechia, Provectus, and a few other cringe-worthy names found on NameMC. I'm a human that lives in New York State which happens to be a state in the United States of America which is surprisingly part of the North American Continent which coincidentally is a part of the planet we called Earth. A planet that is part of this thing we called the universe. Anyways, I've been Moderating on Minehut since September of 2017 and currently, I have no plans of stopping. Would you like to be friends? Sure! Just type /f add Ninventoo if you see me on the Minehut Lobby =). Have a good morning, day, or night. Adios for now! - Ninventoo
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    This Week's New Plugins! This week we added 8 new plugins to Minehut! Check out the list of ones we added below. AnimatedInventory Armor Stand Editor BadlionClientModAPI Gamemode Inventories InventoryFull+ Multiverse-Inventories PlayerWarps Skript Addon: skript-logs Updates: View the plugins we updated this week here!
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    Post your favorite art pieces that you have created!
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    I use procreate occasionally on my iPad but I can't get it on here, I'll try later
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    I am allergic to gluten, does that count? Thank you ;-; I love yours
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    Do you literally have a single weakness
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    Storage is not a problem
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    Hi! Can Drupi get added to Minehut, it requires a fork from Trent though? https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/drupi.65706/
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    Can someone help me. When ever i start up my server and then try to load it on mp it kicks me automatically. please someone help
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    DDos Protected, when the hosts get DDos'd
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    That dog is the definition of greatness
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    I get bored alot and decide to just join random servers, its so frustrating when over half these servers whitelisted, I don't see a point in putting them on the server finder, people who are whitelisted would just do /join anyways.
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    I cant seem to load into my server. I go and turn it on and when i hear the noise i put the ip in the direct connect and it doesnt connect it says server full?
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    Rework of the MH panel. | Skript Layout (Like this--->) | Console | Shortcuts to files. | Markings in a file, like in NotePad++ (Like this --->) Ads in the hub should be to the discord server and to the featured server discord. A #suggestions & #suggestions-comments in the discord server Featured servers should get a custom in game icon (Maybe of choice?)
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    I think being able to change the server icon would be a neat addition. I don't know if you guys could get it working or not, but it'd be a really good way to personalize servers more.
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    Hello there I'm trying to download to world with the /dl world, it says "compressing world","creating download link", but after that, I don't get a link and it's a bit frustrating. Can anybody help me? thank you
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    Mine is the fact that Creeper is "Spam Promotion"
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    The plugin is called Holographic Displays You can Google a tutorial for more information!
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    @Dosomethingidont To make it so you'll always spawn on the exact block all you need to do is use the command: /gamerule SpawnRadius 1
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    they all sound fun/cool so +8?
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    Truly an inspirational masterpiece.
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    1. First one sounds cool, +1 2. It depends on what it is so idk. 3. Yes please! +1 4. +1 5. Sounds cool and very interesting, Could be fun! +1 6. +1 7. im not sure on this so idk what to vote with. 8. I'm confused on what you mean by "ram per slots."
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    i load it up and it starts up fine but as soon as i move idk 20 blocks from spawn it crashes and sends me back to minehut hub
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    Custom Enderchests would be an awesome plugin to have since changing echest format is difficult to impossible without it :D Click here
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    server wont start after trying repair and force stopping the server wont work please help
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    You completely missed the point...
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    It really has nothing to do with being lazy. When you are trying to work on your files while the server is in offline mode and it keeps going into hibernation every 5 minutes it gets really annoying. There's no reason for minehut to not include an essential feature like editing your files while the server is offline, especially when some of the most basic and primitive hosting services like aternos include it.
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    Staff Applications Open & Staff Roles Updated Staff Applications are now open! Applications will be running from today Saturday June 29th through next week Saturday July 6th make sure to get it in as fast as possible so you don't miss out Staff Applications won't open back up for another 2 months! Head over to the Staff Application category or click here to start your application process! Make sure you copy the format posted and follow all of the requirements! Staff Changes & Role Updates ‣ Admins (Leadership Team) @Trent @ZeroParticle ‣ Managers (Staff Managers) @BennyDoesStuff @Motionq @Spazzs ‣ Senior Moderators (Team Leaders) @_Gingey_ Reports and Appeals Manager - makes sure reports and ban appeals get handled quickly. @_Rascal Build Team Manager - manages the build team entirely, applications and projects. @Ceppy Events Manager - runs Minehut Events club on forums, comes up with events, creates events, runs events, coordinate with Super League Gaming to promote events. @Criticyl Community Support Manager - makes sure community support is well organized, setup !tags in discord, make sure questions on forums are answered, and threads are clean meaning one clear, correct answer in response to questions so they are easily searchable in the future. @Faacto Suggestions Manager - manages suggestions discord, organizing features, working with Trent on what should get on the roadmap, spurs conversation in suggestions discord. @ThatOneTqnk Plugin Manager - manages plugin updates, handling reports of broken plugins adds new plugins after verifying safe. Newly Promoted Moderators Welcome the newest Minehut Moderators to the staff team, make sure to congratulate them on making it through their 2 month trial and successfully join our team full time! @JackJack33 @MikeTheAngel @Tresre @Xounaut
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    permissions plugin (Permissionex - Groupmanager - Luckperms - zpermission)
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    Enable them in the server properties in the panel, restart the server (stop it and start it) and it should work.
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    I have kidnapped all the pet camels of Minehut and I will have a foot step on them unless you give me 2 emus . You have 4 days to comply. P.S. Yes I saw the title of another post and created a scenario for it and flipped it.
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    In the Home tab of your server console, go to the segment labeled "Server Command" and enter in /deop <username of the random guy> (to make them no longer an operator) then enter another command: /op <your username> (to re-op you). If they banned you as well do /unban <your username> or if you don't have the "Essentials" plugin you'll need to go to the File Manager tab, find the file called "banned-players.json" and delete the segment with your username. To try and undo the damage they did I'd recommend Contacting Minehut Support and request to have your world rolled back to before they ruined everything- otherwise in the future I'd recommend a plugin called "Core Protect" - which can be extremely helpful in undoing many things encase this ever happens again (It can't restore anything to a point before it was installed though- so it wouldn't be able to undo this) Hope everything works out, and let me know if you have any problems. (Also, before you try and undo any of the damage, I'd recommend trying to get in contact with a minehut staff- either by /msg to them in game, or via discord- and tell them about what happened as well as the usernames of the griefers, because it's against Minehut Rules to grief or destroy other peoples servers without their permission [rule #3]- and might be able to get those people banned from minehut so they can't grief anybody else's server in the future.)

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