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    Minehut Community Support Team The time has come again. Community Support Team applications are open! What is the Support Team? The support team is a community team on Minehut. Our goal is to provide support to the community so that everyone can feel happy with using Minehut's services. Some of our jobs include: Creating and Publishing Community FAQs Answering questions on forums and discord Responding to Youtube Comments on Tutorials Helping users with a range of scenarios Be sure to join the Minehut Discord server before submitting your applications Ready to apply? Visit this link!
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    These look like fake screenshots.
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    I've been messaged alot lately about people wanting me to do a minehut Mod Series. So I thought, Sure why not. So what video would you guys like me to make? Server reviews, mod story's and ect. Have them listed in the comments and if you see an Idea you like in the comments, Just give it a positive reaction!
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    This sounds like a good idea... you should do it! Make story times
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    oh. my. god just edit your post and add it in, you dont need to create a reply for every single update make a support ticket or reset your server...
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    I only do sometimes, but I would rather not
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    The "Join a Random Server" button should only try sending you to servers that are joinable (i.e. not whitelisted, not banned from, etc.). This would make it easier to find new servers, or to just join random servers when you're bored. Very good quality of life feature if you ask me.
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    Nah, I wouldn’t. Mainly because people getting promoted out of the blue would cause issues, I’d rather make my way through the system and prove myself first.
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    I guess joining warzone counts as Minehut, but I didn’t really explore the rest of Minehut back then. Sometime in early 2018 or late 2017.
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    Im sorry but for over a year now (Not Exagerating) ive wanted to use the only Skywars plugin on minehut. The plugin has been updated countless times but the creator of it hasnt updated the plugin in nearly 4 YEARS and the plugin doesnt even support 1.13.2 letalone 1.16.If a staff member could please consider this and choose another plugin to be uploaded to minehut that would be great
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    TNT duping with dead coral fan is not working. When the slime blocks are pushed forward, the dead coral fan just breaks. I've tested it on a singleplayer world that's in 1.16.1 and it works fine. Please fix this.
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    "/deop (username)" - you can do this command in game or do "deop (username)" in the console also.
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    Hello Minehutters I have a question for you. When DID you join Minehut? If you don't know how to check simply join the server click on your head then hover over it in the menu screenshot it and send it in here. I'm doing a survey to see how much of the community from 2014-2016 is still here if your not from then please still post when you joined as it will greatly improve the accuracy. If you wanted to know when i joined here's the first account i joined on Here are the results so far I encourage you to message your friends to leave there join date on here as it will only increase the accuracy. Currently this only measures players using the forums and i will soon be moving on to create a server that you will input your join date on.
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    peach rings are bomb cant say i like sour candy because my taste buds are super duper sensitive to it and they are stinky
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    I was summoned. It's time for the shape to be deshapified.
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    on join: if {Join::*} does not contain player's uuid: add diamond sword to player add player's uuid to {Join::*} set join message to "&b%player% &fjoined for the first time!" You made a little typo. The variable name must always be the same!
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    Let's set a world record together and get the most liked post on Minehut.
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    my favorite candy is Sour Patch Watermelon aswell. pretty awesome candy.
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    No I can't get a download link at all, This is what I keep seeing.
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    I recommend sending if this is a plugin to a Senior Moderator on Minehut's Discord, so they can review it and determine it, or like @disapologies said, move it to suggestions If you're not already in the Minehut discord. -> Click to join the Minehut Discord Best of luck!
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    Mid-Late 2015 I believe (also just so you know, they started tracking the join date in december 2015, so that's the earliest join date you can get)
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    Yeah this is another problem. They haven't actually pursued the path "Maybe if we make the quality of the service better, we'll make more money."
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    Random item: options: prefix: &aRandom Items > item-every: 15 # one item every X amount of seconds toggle-command: /toggleitem # MUST HAVE A / AT THE BEGINNING on-message: &7Toggled &aon &7random items. off-message: &7Toggled &coff &7random items. every {@item-every} seconds: loop all players: if {toggleitems.%loop-player%} is true: give loop-player 1 of random items out of all items command {@toggle-command}: trigger: if {toggleitems.%player%} is true: set {toggleitems.%player%} to false send "{@prefix} {@off-message}" else: set {toggleitems.%player%} to true send "{@prefix} {@on-message}" Vanish: options: prefix: &cVANISH> vanish-permission: sk.vanish join-message: &7%player% joined! leave-message: &7%player% left. command /vanish: permission: {@vanish-permission} trigger: if {vanish.%player%} is true: set {vanish.%player%} to false broadcast "{@join-message}" reveal player to all players add 1 to {players.online} loop all players: if loop-player has permission "{@vanish-permission}": send "&a&lStaff &8▪ &a%player% &7unvanished." to loop-player else: set {vanish.%player%} to true broadcast "{@leave-message}" hide player from all players remove 1 from {players.online} loop all players: if loop-player has permission "sk.vanish": send "{@prefix} &a%player% &7vanished." to loop-player reveal player to loop-players
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    Yeah, ever since Minhut updated to 1.16, the tnt duper of my tree farm has stopped functioning. The coral fan would simply break when the sticky piston pushed the slimeblocks it was attached to. This truly sucks as many technical builds involving tnt duplication are no longer possible.
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    i'm on a free server too and tnt dupers definitely do not work.
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    Yes, you have to list the player name after /openinv to open the inventory of a player.
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    I also have the same problem, so it is definitely not a problem specific to you or or ur duper. I am on a free server. Is this a problem for all free servers?
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    Alright so there's a lot I'd like to touch on here. I'm taking everything from the document, nothing from your past or anything else. "They usually have no interest in retaining the qualities that made the project interesting or attract users in the first place." What features changed that made Minehut unenjoyable? What about Minehut does not attract growth/users, and if this is so, why has Minehut grown exponentially? "Super League Gaming wants money, and as such, they acquired Minehut" Yeah, I don't think any company in the world would acquire something if they didn't see some kind of mutual benefit. However, if this was purely the case, I think we'd see a lot more executive influence. There really isn't. "The only goal here is personal gain for SLG, not to make Minehut a better place" Does not make sense. You cannot get more "personal gain" without putting anything into something else. Also, I think there'd be more executive influence if this was the case. "Another big issue that unveiled as SLG presence on Minehut increased, was the lack of communication and transparency with players" I know I've already said this several times, but on the staff side of things, I want to be more transparent. "Luke was more in touch with the community" What do you mean by this? Do you mean he was on the server a lot, or activity network wide? How can I improve this? I doubt Trent has any problem talking more often to everyone but I don't want to speak for him. "Nowadays you’re making support tickets instead of getting help directly from an admin" Minehut now has a dedicated support team. As much as I hate to say it, Admins are too busy to constantly be assisting users. Also keep in mind Minehut has grown substancially, it's in everyone's best interest that there is a dedicated support team rather than "Oh, just DM Trent." If you need direct help, I have no doubt a Moderator/Junior Moderator will have any issue responding to you. Minehut still continues to be based heavily on community support, hence why a lot of questions/concerns are answered in #help on the Discord and in the help category on the forums by community members. "Completely ignoring the days, weeks, or sometimes, even months, it takes for them to be read, you aren’t even getting help from a Minehut official" They are Minehut officials? And if it is taking that long to get a response, message me. "You’re getting support from people who don’t even use Minehut regularly" The Support Team is pretty small, and while yes I will admit that some of them don't use Minehut actively, Kurtis does. "SLG does not care about user experience, or appreciation for Minehut" Not sure what exactly you're going for here, but yes they do. If user experience was not cared for, Minehut would not be maintained and there'd be no updates. "In fact, they actually censor and filter any sort of slightly negative comment towards Minehut anywhere" If your comments are negatively affecting user experience (like yours were, by going on the lobbies and telling people not to use the service) then Moderators reserve the right to mute you. "You’re instantly deemed ‘toxic’ for voicing your opinion" You should voice your opinion in a non-toxic manner then. "As seen above, the main argument for denying freedom of speech on Minehut, is a legal point of view. If you take a moment to think about why people at Minehut would give you legal responses on a free server host for Minecraft, you’ll realize, they would not. At least, they wouldn’t have years ago. Now that SLG has acquired Minehut, legal responses are the extent of support you’ll get. " I didn't think I really needed to attach the screenshot. This is not a SLG rule, this is a government rule. You referenced the U.S. Constitution for legal reasons, and as such I gave you a legal response. I would've done it when I was a Sr.Mod in 2016 if someone said it then too, and I did. "If I fully expose staff members here I’ll continue to get targeted on the network even harsher." Expose them in my DM, if a staff member has done something to warrant termination then I will do so. You're helping nothing by hiding evidence. "Anyways, the staff team is really corrupt. I don’t blame the individuals, but the higher-ups. If you think about it from an honest point of view, the individuals that are volunteering for Minehut, aren’t working for a company, rather, their higher-ups are." I'm not working for Super League. "For the record, I was not spamming, flooding chat, attempting to promote any sort of agenda, political view, or continue any form of drama" You were promoting users to leave Minehut, negatively affecting user experience. "I was simply using my rights and expressing freedom of speech." Doubt I have to say it again, but no company is required to allow you to have free speech. The 1st Amendment protects you from governmental interference. "After this experience, it became more clear than it ever has been, that the Minehut staff team, or some members of it, simply do not like me, and target me because of my name" This goes for anybody, Minehut Moderators are human beings too. If you dig yourself in a grave by constantly saying things that are borderline rule violations you will have a reputation among the staff, and your punishment history always contributes to this. "I went to the forums to appeal as instructed. I waited over 7 hours for my 24 hour mute appeal to even be read and responded to. " Some of our staff have things they like to do outside of Minecraft. "As you can see in the screenshot above, they’ve denied my appeal. The thing that really caught my eye, was the part of the response that instructed me to wait 2 weeks to appeal again" From what I'm aware, this was incorrect. You are not required to wait 2 weeks. "Instead, they neglected it, because as stated previously, they target me." This was nothing against you. All denied appeals have a waiting period before being allowed to appeal again. "At this point I should be tired of it, but since SLG acquired Minehut, there is virtually nobody I can go to, in order to address this corruption" I'm right here, but only if you have valid evidence. "For years Minehut has struggled to get basic features out. Some are features that come automatically in PC hosted servers. Including but not limited to; Live console." I know live console has been discussed a lot and I don't want to speak on the dev team's behalf, but I think it'd be a valuable feature. I think they all do. "They’re already profiting tons off of Minehut. But they want more. If something doesn’t make them money, or boost their stock price, it won’t be added." I'm curious, how much do you think SLG is making from Minehut? By the way you're talking, it's making me think you believe Super League has hit the mega millions lottery. That's basically every point I wanted to touch on. Thanks for taking the time to make this post and I think it's important to come forward with any concerns you have. This isn't a personal attack against you as you may perceive it to be; this is just a collection of my thoughts as that document was. When this thread was brought to my attention a few hours ago, I changed my priorities around for the day so I could give you a response. Again, this isn't a personal attack against you. I'd also like to say once more that you can come to me with evidence to "expose staff members." There's no reason to keep someone on the team is there is physical evidence of something they've done that should warrant termination.
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    Thank you everyone who participated in our Summer Icon Competition! We have a lot of talented artists in our community and were very impressed by a lot of the entries. With that being said, we have our top 3 winners listed below: 1st Place: Haasty & Flowwave 2nd Place: nullific 3rd Place: DanYKrafT_Omega I'll be reaching out to each of the winners. Congratulations again, and thank you all for participating!
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    I highly request and suggest that you guys consider adding Armor Stand Tools as an alternative to the existing one we have called Armor Stand Editor. The design is way better, more unique, and way more user friendly. It seems to update frequently as of when new releases come. So odds are high that a 1.16 update will come soon. Versus Editor, they haven't even don't 1.15 officially. Link Second request is TrHolograms, TrHolograms is the best hologram plugin available, featuring live updating holograms that update upon saving a file, viewing conditions, view ranges, and way more. Its made by the same amazing developer of TrMenu (Link) which made it into the plugins list a while back (Which I also requested). Link
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    1. Did not say aimbot, 2. yes you are, and your mouse is not even showing the movement of each snap, 3. I didn't say aimbot (once again) 4. It doesn't take a PvP genius to figure out that your head snaps are from a modification especially if your mouse isn't aligning up with that movement If anything it's kind of strange that I say "aim assist" or "aura" over and over again and magically you decide to say "aimbot" all of a sudden. Freudian slip perhaps?
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    Yes, CPS matters when you’re straight lining, but technique matters more. You were also blatantly head snapping onto the bot, which is easily seen through the jarring mouse movements getting interrupted by sudden, smooth snaps onto its hitbox. All I want to see is a fight when you’re actually aiming, not blatantly cheating while straight lining someone. Is that too much to ask for? You keep claiming that it’s so hard to get the CPS you’re getting yet you easily got that before on warzone consistently, as well as achieved a CPS beyond what you’ve displayed... things are not looking in your favor in this appeal. I suggest you comply because at this moment in time, you’ve shown me nothing that has me convinced otherwise, in fact your videos only convince me that you have been in fact using an autoclicker or macro- using aim assist/aura makes that case even worse.
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    For a while now people have been asking for a way to share control panel ownership with other users, so they don't have to give away login information. Especially now that the forums are linked to the control panel- if you want to give someone access to your server console you're essentially giving them access to your forums account where they can do who knows what under your name. Though I'd like to try and give a suggestion on how this could work effectively, and I've broken the post down into segments to hopefully make it easier to read. Adding New Users Firstly, there should be a new tab to this in the console (by tab I'm referring to the File Manager, Server Appearance, Danger Zone, etc.) - I'll refer to it as the "Console Moderation" tab for this post. This would be where you'd deal with everything having to do with allowing other users access to your console, from adding new members to moderation. In this tab there'll be the primary option to add new users, where upon typing in the username of whoever you're sharing the console with (This would mean it could only work for inviting users who have their minehut account linked to their in game one.) The reason defining a username would be necessary would be to ensure somebody else doesn't somehow get access to the code, whether they saw it in socialspy over /msg- or if the recipient of the code told it to someone else, it'd ensure that only the minehut account linked to that username would be able to use the code to log into their console with. The way this could be done is just adding another option to the drop-down where you choose which of your servers you want to select (in the top right corner of the control panel page)- with the new option being something like "Join Server" where you type in the code and then that server will also show in the drop-down list alongside your own. Moderation Log Another feature of the Console Moderation tab would be a "Moderation Log" where the server owner could see all the changes to the console, along with by who. This would be essential if we're going to have other users in the console, not only to find out who did what encase somebody decides to wreak havoc, but also to have easy proof in the case of punishing them. This would also be a great place to add a feature to easily revert specific changes made, so encase somebody does start messing stuff up (or even yourself unintentionally) then you can easily just undo that specific action from the Moderation Log without having to worry about backups, saving files externally, or any of the like. Management You'd also need to be able to manage any other users in your console, so I'm proposing 3 preset "ranks" within the console regarding how much they have access to (alternatively would be an option to choose what files each user has access too manually, or maybe even both.) The first rank would be Moderator which would have access to some of the less important stuff, such as the server MOTD, starting/stopping the server, and the console commands. The next would be Administrator which would most likely be the most common one, allowing access to many features but not enough to completely ruin your server if they wished. They would be able to manage plugins, as well as the file manager (potentially with an option for the owner to "lock" certain files, restricting access to Administrators). Another nice feature that could be done with this would be a feature the owner can enable/disable making it so any changes are sent into the Moderation Log as "Suggestions" where the owner would have to manually accept/deny them for added security. The final rank would be Owner, to be given to only to the most trusted. Owners would have the same access level as the creator of the server themselves, maybe except for changing the name or resetting the world. I'd recommend giving the user warning message when they set somebody as an Owner, informing them that doing so could have dire consequences, and that Administrator is recommended for anyone except the most trusted. Rules Now there would probably also have to be an update to the minehut rules with this in an attempt to discourage people from "griefing" each other through this. Users should probably be given a warning when they click to join another's console, letting them know the consequences if they abuse their access. I'd recommend a full ban from minehut for offenders, or if you'd prefer something less extreme maybe just denying the account access to joining anyone elses console in the future. Of course the reporting process for something like this would have to be quite different, probably something along the lines of filling out a "Console Griefing" report, where a minehut admin would view the servers Moderation Log to determine if they truly were intentionally being abusive of their access. I know this was a lot to read, so thank you to anyone who has. I had seen a lot of suggestions to add this feature, but not very much on how it should actually be done. Now seeing as I wrote this relatively quickly it's quite probable that there was something I didn't take into consideration, or any other features that should be included in this, so if there was feel free to comment on it and I might edit my suggestion. Also seeing as I'm sometimes not the best at describing things, don't hold back on asking me to clarify some things or elaborating on what I had meant to make things more clear.
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    They should add an option to keep the server running non stop cause if my friend wants to play and im offline he has to ask me to turn the server on its so annoying
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    Okay, so recently Minehut made a new server package thing, and probably everyone knows about it by now. For me, I don't really care about it that much. Though I do care about one thing, the max plugins allowed for the free plan. Okay ya, Minehut needs money, but still only 12 plugins max! For some people, that might be not the worst thing since you can still make survival worlds and simple stuff like that, but for other people who can't really script well (it's also really hard to find a good working one online), don't have the money, and want to make a server with multiple types of games on it like kitpvp, creative, factions, etc, it would be very helpful with the extra plugins. As well, some people probably already spent a lot of work (like me) on their servers and have lots of plugins on them, and with the limit, they would have to remove lots of plugins which would be basically deleting their server and restarting. Finally, if 30 max plugins is to much for the free plan, then I hope that Minehut would at least change it to 20 or 25 max plugins instead of just 12.
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    This isn't really a case of fixing it, a pig is the default mob inside the spawner. So I'd recommend finding a command online that will set a block under you to that spawner. Here is one that I found: https://www.digminecraft.com/generators/mob_spawner.php Good luck
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    how do i make myself a admin on my server?
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    It would be amazing to see the following plugin added to Minehut! Plugin: SkMirror Link/Info: https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skript-mirror.254/ What it does: Adds extra things for skript! Thanks!
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    Trying to download a schematic that I have created on the server, I type /dl schematic test.schem and it says Creating download link... Failed to upload file. I have also tried downloading the world and have the same issue. Am I doing something wrong or does anyone know a fix?
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    Check out that thread for info. We run default Spigot and Bungeecord. Spigot is a fork of Craftbukkit, which is an implementation of the vanilla server that Bukkit, the API, can hook into so plugins can work. Spigot is run by md_5, who used to be a moderator in the Bukkit community until he was fired for being inactive (because he started Spigot while Bukkit was still a thing). The Bukkit community no longer updates Craftbukkit since some copyright issues a few years ago. Many of the people that started Bukkit went on to work at Mojang, such as Dinnerbone, Grum, and EvilSeph (no longer there). Check out https://dinnerbone.com/blog/2013/01/06/story-bone-and-bukkit/
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    Don't get me wrong, mods would be nice to have. But, nothing is unlimited. I think having forge servers would be too much stress on the servers, given that a lot of people would do stuff like Pixelmon, TrainCraft, etc. especially sense they require at least 4GB of ram, and MineHut only gives you 2GB of ram.
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    Is there any way to disable hibernation for my server? I want to make sure my friends can join when I'm gone for a while.
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    I think minehut should be mod free, because even if Minehut can support giving 2,000+ servers each individually containing at least 2mb/s, they need a good balance of income, and even if they do, Minehut would become "Laghut" if Minehut ended adding mod support because some people here on the Minehut server would be making their server contain a lot of mods, so if Minehut adds mod support, their should be a limit and you can purchase more with coins or something like that, im betting that the starting mods should be at least like 50-10 or something like that, Idk, its up to minehut to take this in their hands!
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    +1 I think we should be able to change our server version (Not ProtocolSupport, actually change our server version) -1 Minehut doesn't support mods, and it's not made to.
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