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    so basically in each server on Minehut currently, you have to repeat a simple and boring task to gain points that requires no skill at all to do. And what you do with those points is upgrade yourself or unlock new areas just to do the same thing over and over again. I think the reason people play these and make these is because the Minehut community consists of mostly young children. If you don't get what I'm saying, just think of the concepts of servers like farming, skyblock, prison (mining), genpvp, clickers, Lift copy servers (where you stand in a pool to get points and upgrade health, dmg etc..) I guess genpvp and lift would be cool if you had to kill and fight for the generators you're standing it. But instead, they are made so you gain literally nothing from killing and some servers even make the gens/mines protected from pvp. Well ofcourse there's occosially some servers that are unique and different and have a cool original concept, but those servers never get popular or get players because the Minehut children will give up too easily if they don't instantly win. I have a suggestion on how to fix this: re-make the featured servers list and add it somewhere on the server where people can see it and don't add boring grinding servers there but instead just good servers with good original concepts so then the players who are tired of grinding and afking and stuff can find good servers to play on.
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    It wasn't always like this. OGs should remember we actually had some creativity and quality a few years ago. Nowadays we have things like lift season 46. I agreed with this post until the part where you said lift could be interesting.
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    Well the cringe ones are the ones that stand out. If you made a normal one then you'd just be like the rest so take it as a compliment
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    You should release the server restart plugin that restarts the server without it loosing a bunch of people.
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    This all started way back in 2016 during the cookieclickerapocalypse. A player named KaguraMVP (AKA Kagaroo, or more correctly, Fagapoo, hes not around anymore, atleast that I know) created a cookie clicker server which got very popular. After that many rip offs arrived. That was the start of those "idle/grinding" servers. The thing about those servers is that they are easy to play, to create, and they are addictive, which is key to have players. You may have 100 players joining those servers because of how easy it is to start, 80 quit out of boredom but 20 keep playing because they are addicted. Thats how it works. Sadly this is currently the reality of minehut. In the past we had more variety of servers, people were less lazy you know? We had a somewhat different community, one that was less focused on worshiping staff and was more focused on having a good time and pwn sum scrubs on good warzone phoenix only. About minehut consisting of young children, thats not entirely true, specially if you consider that minehut was around in 2015. Theres alot of players from that era that have grown up, I included (OK SURE I ONLY JOINED ON 2016 BUT SHHHH). To get a good server working, you first need to forget having any player on your server for the first 2 weeks. You gotta focus on making one thing very well done, which will be the main concept of your server. There have been millions of different minehut servers in the past. All you gotta do is ask old players about great servers that were in the past, and make your own best with the ideas you get. You could do a RPG server, one that is not rushed but has atleast 5 different main areas with 50 lvl min. You could also do a cl****ic prison server, with guards and contraband weapons. You could also do a spleef based server with competitive playing. If you create a really good server and you dont give in, you will change minehut's mentality just like KaguraMVP changed when he created his cookie clicker server in the past. Look, another good server: Deathban, you get banned when you die. Trust me somehow this got alot of players in the past. There was this one server named Luuke, pure survival, had 20+ server constantly. Beans, a server where you have a big mine in the middle with ores but pvp is on, etc. Someone gotta start changing, and if it isnt you then most likely no one will. You just gotta get the right information, right staff (or no staff at all, I did my servers all alone) and good ideas that dont necessarely have to be yours.
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    EnchantPlus allows you to enchant items more than one time with an enchantment table and it has various commands for admins or users to enchant every item manually with customisable level costs. Everything is customisable in the config and there are bypass permissions for all checks! Plugin Link : https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/enchantplus Features: Enchant items more than one time smoothly with the enchantment table Enchant items manually with commands Highly customisable settings for the enchanting commands and the enhanced enchantment table Display a list of all enchantments or their descriptions Display all applicable enchantments of certain items Enchant items with enchantments up to level 32767 (absolute maximum level of enchantments!) Commands & Permissions: Command Description Permission /plus add <name/id> <level/natural> Adds an enchantment to the item in your hand EnchantPlus.command.add /plus mighty <level/natural> [applicable] Adds all existing enchantments to the item in your hand EnchantPlus.command.mighty /plus remove <name/id> Removes an enchantment from the item in your hand EnchantPlus.command.remove /plus purify Removes all enchantments from the item in your hand EnchantPlus.command.purify /plus list Shows a list of all enchantments and their respecting names and ids EnchantPlus.command.list /plus description <name/id> Shows an advanced description of an enchantment EnchantPlus.command.description /plus applicable Shows a list of enchantments that can be currently applied to the item in your hand EnchantPlus.command.applicable /plus reload Reloads the whole plugin EnchantPlus.command.reload /plus help Shows the help pages None - All command permissions EnchantPlus.command.* - Level limit check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.limit - Conflicting enchantment check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.conflicting - Inapplicable enchantment check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.inapplicable - Item amount check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.amount - Power source check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.power - Level restriction check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.restriction - Enchanting cost check bypass permission EnchantPlus.bypass.cost - All bypass permissions EnchantPlus.bypass.* - All plugin permissions EnchantPlus.*
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    He forgot to mention that we update server versions automatically so you wont have to go through any hassle when we support perhaps 1.14.5 or 1.15.
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    Minehut servers all run at the same version (currently 1.14.4). You can allow older versions of the game by download 'ProtocolSupport'. If you're trying to make your server above 1.14.4, you cant until its updated by the developers.
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