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    Here's some stereotypes for Minehut ranks! Just remember that this isn't really realistic so don't take it to heart, it's just jokes lol Default: Usually advertising their server. 50% Rule breakers, 50% cool dudes that don't have credits or just don't want to buy a rank. VIP: Usually saying "Oof" , always looking for staff for their server, names like "ii[inserttext], x[inserttext]x", builders, probably got gifted the rank PRO: had a OG name or does have one, they skript, when they advertise or look for staff they get a good amount of people interested. LEGEND: Definitely has a 4 or 5 letter name, barely talks but when they do they get a bunch of " OMG ITSA LEGEND!! " , votes a LOT like.. a lot, dedicated to minehut and.. their bank account PATREON: the best people ever because they're supporting Minehut and being amazing, out of all the things they could spend money on they decide to support this platform that allows so many people to be creative xx Staff rank's next?
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    Hihi there! Welcome to the Minehut Forums
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    thought u were serious and i tried it lmao
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    I think it'd be beneficial to make a /prevservers commands. It'd basically just show the last 5 servers you were logged onto. Many users have been losing servers names because they're not too memorable and this could be a fix. +1 if you support this idea. -1 if you don't support it.
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    I like how genpvp should be dead and it isn't even dead, instead, more popped up
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    All the other juniors that replied before me basically said my #1, starting jr mod trial. But another thing is seeing minehut continue to grow and waiting for what will come in the future!
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    My favorite moment had to be when Thistle used /s instead of /r for the 17th time of the week
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    Whitelisting First turn on the whitelist with the command /whitelist on. Then you can add all your friends by typing /whitelist add <username>. Once they're whitelisted, they can join the server. Blacklisting To "blacklist" or remove someone from your server, ban them by typing /ban <username>. Once you have banned them, they will not be able to join your server unless you revoke the ban (/pardon <username>). Hope this helps!
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