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    Hello everyone, Firstly, I wanted to send a huge congratulations to all the newly promoted moderators, the Junior Mod Trial, in my opinion, is the most stressful, after the trial it becomes a lot easier! Also, gotta welcome back a couple staff members that had resigned but have returned, @_Rascal and @ThatOneTqnk, welcome back both of you! Of course, I want to talk a little bit about my coming back, but I don't really have the time to do that and people don't really like to read blocks of texts, so lets just say I am glad to be back and I am ready to hop right back into my moderation position! Congrats to the Newly Promoted: @Spiderlogical @dragonet64 @FadelessBanjo @McThistle2 @Star
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    Lads, Thy kingdom will support thee with eternal wishes of god and thy holiness. Sir Brit Crit III has crowned this product with thy blessing. Amen
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    Quick Info Server Name: Agar Server IP: Agar.minehut.gg Server Owner: Tr4mp Howdy folks! Long time no Featured Server! Thanks for being patient as we optimize our processes for submitting and selecting servers to feature. We can't wait to serve and celebrate our community by showcasing some awesome servers in 2020. And with that, I'd like to introduce you to our first Featured Server of the year, Agar! Agar is a server by Tr4mp which uses Skript to recreate the popular browser game Agar.io in Minecraft! The game is simple: All players are slimes. Move your slime over baby magma cubes to eat them and grow in size. Eat players smaller than you to eat them and grow in size. Avoid elder guardians, which reduce your size. Win by becoming the last slime standing! The game is easy to play and quick to master. More features including leaderboards, skins, and even new abilities are coming to the server soon! Get a feel for Agar by watching the gameplay demo in the video above, and check out the server using Agar.minehut.gg or /join Agar! Want to learn how to use Skript to improve your server? Check out the Skript tutorials on the official Minehut YouTube channel! Thanks y'all! And remember, if you want your server featured or want to nominate another server to be featured, join the Featured Server Discord here!
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    bye bye old friend... i will miss u
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    People should just post random pictures of animals as their replies. I'll start:
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    Item Generator Creating generators has never been as easy __________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements Skript: The script wouldn't load or work without this plugin. Code # #Skript Item Generator #By Chonga # options: prefix: Server - cooldown: 5 seconds item: paper #Variables of this skript variables: {generator::1::*} = none #Drops the items so the generators work every {@cooldown}: drop 1 {@item} named "&6Cash &7(&e+1$)" 0.5 meters above {generator::1::*} #Adds the blocks location so that items will spawn on top of it on place white concrete: add event-block's location to {generator::1::*} send action bar "{@prefix} You placed a level 1 generator" to player #Removes the blocks location so that items will not spawn on top of it on break white concrete: if {generator::1::*} contains event-block's location: remove event-block's location from {generator::1::*} send action bar "{@prefix} You removed a level 1 generator" to player
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    The shopkeepers plugin is not running the latest version. This is causing issues on the server. Please update it to 2.9.0. Thanks!
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    disorders are very fun, so welcome to the forums my friend
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    Why did the scarecrow keep getting promoted? He was outstanding in his field. (I asked the google assistant for this one as I’ve shared my true favorite far too many times on the forums)
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    Well, for starters, one of the admins banned me. "disrespect" "racism". Well, what's up with the fact you don't have a chat censor..? Your staff is toxic, Tactical. You hate on the Skripts. people make and others, thus making you toxic. You take that server seriously when you could literally just use Minehut. ValkNet is not a good idea due to the facts following: 1. As stated above, staff are toxic and strict. 2. They don't allow anything and if you do one thing wrong you're permanently banned. 3. TacticalModz (stated above) hates on people and their Skripts. 4. I bet T will be like "wtf omgeee my server is soo moch batter then urz" in the replies. The idea of a server hosting in Minehut is not well. Why go as far as getting plugins? Useless server. I did that but made it player realms without plugins, just a survival world...
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    Try the command /rg flag (region) interact allow
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    While I completely understand, the reason why we are limited to how we can help players with this is because it's completely out of Minehut's power and we have to rely on the downloading site for it to be fixed.
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    That's funny, in each post the same replies. "This is not the right category..." "Try it again..." "Have you done the right things?..." But no one takes care about the problem, even the mods are doing anything. The fact is, since the service "transfer.sh" is hosted by storj.io, it doesn't work proberly anymore. You can read this in many threads.... https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/277 https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/272 https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/271 https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/190 https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/220 https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/198 Same issue here, no one is responsible for this. And storj.io seems to do not really something. You can check the functionality for your own: - Download "curl" (e.g. for windows) - unpack it - create a text file (e.g. "Hello.txt") - save it in the same directory - and do this on the command-line: curl --upload-file ./hello.txt https://transfer.sh/hello.txt You will see it doesn't work... ("could not save metadata") Conclusion: When minehut is not changing the "/dl" to another (reliable) file hoster it will not work anymore.
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    Use the plugin MineResetLite. If you need help with using the plugin then I would recommend this tutorial.
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    I might use this honestly. Lmao good skript mate +rep
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    So this one of my other skripts. Its a censor chat skript. I wont put the bad words I put btw so staff wont hate me on chat: replace "put a bad word here" with "love" in message on chat: replace "put a bad word here" with "the best" in message on chat: replace all "put a bad word here" with "body part" in message on chat: replace "put a bad word here" with "Im not racist" in message on chat: replace "put a bad word here" with "You are better than me" in message on chat replace "put a bad word here" with "Ilysm" on chat You can change it and tell me what you added ;D. Btw its very funny when people are mad and they saying one of these bad words. Like today before one of my staff was mad at me and said f*ck you but bcs I made this skript it shown love u xD yeah I have 0 sense of humour
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    Not a bad skript, +1
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    Try to do this command /temppunish <offlineplayer>: usage: /temppunish <offlineplayer> aliases: /tp permission: temp.punish.command permission message: "&cYou have no perms for that" trigger: wait 1 tick open chest with 3 rows named "&4Punish" to player wait 1 tick format slot 0 of player with bedrock named "&0Hack client" with lore "&830d" to close then run [execute player command "/tempban %arg 1% 30d Hack Client"]
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    Are these cookies also powered by Super League?
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    "I will miss you personally. We'll keep on meming" - Worthy 2019 You certainly have been an important asset of minehut, certainly in the community as your memes spread like wildfire.
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    Servers are stored as zip files on a file server. When you request to start your server, it's downloaded, unzipped, and run on one of our host boxes. That's the process that happens when you see the video and "your server is transferring." It's not possible to let you edit the file manager until this process is complete. We are looking at ways to let you edit plugins (just install / uninstall, not edit plugin configs) and server properties while your server is offline as that is possible.
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    Great idea, allowing people to protect security and will heavily boost about of people relying on minehut. +1
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    This is definitely 100% not going to be added. Minehut specifically must moderate plugins to ensure that no security issues come up with plugins. Allowing people to upload a jar of their choosing would allow them to run any code on the server and do anything which Minehut clearly does not want.
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    Dang, this forums post really hit me in an emotional way. Thanks for all of the fun times we've had together throughout our journey, I wish you the best of luck for you and your future.
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    https://github.com/BentoBoxWorld/Level https://github.com/BentoBoxWorld/Limits https://github.com/BentoBoxWorld/Warps https://github.com/BentoBoxWorld/Likes https://github.com/BentoBoxWorld/Challenges These plugins will add features that ASkyblock had. The Level addon allows a user to calculate their island level. The limits addon allows the owner to limit certain blocks and mobs on their players island. The Warps addon adds the warping functionality. The Likes addon adds the functionality for users to like other users' islands. The Challenges addon allows the user to complete challenges. Please add these as the other plugins aren't simple. They have a load of random stuff in it.
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    thanks lawtix, keep streaming dude, gotta get to 1m
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    Woah looking from the speed at people are replying to this it feels as if Gingey has been long awaited here. Welcome back Gingey, but you should have brought boats as you were supposed to.
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    Has to be Thistle's Spanish lessons in random calls
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    You can try and change your password
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    Thanks for the reply did not think of checking the logs but I have tried reinstalling it many of times
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    lets gooo plexpvp made it to the list!
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    There is a plugin called Farmcraft, it allows for custom crops, and with FoodLol you can make custom foods. I think this would be a great plugin for servers to really expand things. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/farmcraft-1-14-fully-custom-crops.50031/ FoodLol is one of the needed plugins I believe. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/foodlol-1-14-custom-food-textures.49852/ Please consider these.
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    Cmon guys Back in my day we would brag about being lvl 100+ on Warzone, which was thought goal to reach. Now we brag about reputation on the forums. This is literally a reputation farm lol Now please do not react to this because if you do you're just contributing to my reputation increase, which does not change anything its just a random number that exists on this forum sadface
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    Hello I would like to inform you all about the server known as "ValkNet" and or "Minehut no. 2." I was recently accused of using a alt (against TOS since im assuming the account was banned) I got on soon after these events occured. Where a staff commented "he likes to curse a lot" where I then replied "yep, thats me" since I tend to use profanity while structuring my sentances rather frequently. They then went on to receive proof I was not using a alt, I even offered to show screenshots of my toolbar/screenshare, TacticalModz was quick to drop it as soon as I offered which I assumed concluded the conflict. Come 2 hours later, he and his posse join my server while me and my staff team were working on it, What started out as a nice and genuine encounter soon went south as he proceeded to call me vulger names and insult me, here is the log from my discord bot Default DEFAULT TacticalModz » kitkat answer my question you pussy | Default DEFAULT TacticalModz » but all i got was nothing from you and u started chatting in minecraft with all ur furry fucking pkayers and staff | Default DEFAULT TacticalModz » So get your fucking shit together. After I refused (I dont have an alt) he proceeded to fire me from the ValkNet staff team. What infuriates me the most, I went on to ValkNet earlier to attempt to reason with him (I didnt even want staff back I just wanted to say he was wrong then proceed to curse him out) then after 20 seconds I was blacklisted (Ban). It angers me that he would not even talk to me or even give me a chance to reason with him, his staff even told him he was blowing it out of preportion; He then disregarded his staff and decided that he was done with me. Thanks for listening, I just wanted to share how I dont understand someone smart enough to skript a whole minehut no.2 can lack knowledge and people skills on that high of a level.
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    staff know about this problem and they are working on it please be patient! thank you.
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    I'll be playing alone sometimes when my friends aren't on it, and it just shuts down and I have to restart it every time. What do I do? Thanks
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    are essentials and essential spawn plugins?
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    Teleport to the world you want to and type /setspawn. Make sure you have Essentials & EssentialsSpawn.
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    when I try it says insufficient permissions
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