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    Here's some stereotypes for Minehut ranks! Just remember that this isn't really realistic so don't take it to heart, it's just jokes lol Default: Usually advertising their server. 50% Rule breakers, 50% cool dudes that don't have credits or just don't want to buy a rank. VIP: Usually saying "Oof" , always looking for staff for their server, names like "ii[inserttext], x[inserttext]x", builders, probably got gifted the rank PRO: had a OG name or does have one, they skript, when they advertise or look for staff they get a good amount of people interested. LEGEND: Definitely has a 4 or 5 letter name, barely talks but when they do they get a bunch of " OMG ITSA LEGEND!! " , votes a LOT like.. a lot, dedicated to minehut and.. their bank account PATREON: the best people ever because they're supporting Minehut and being amazing, out of all the things they could spend money on they decide to support this platform that allows so many people to be creative xx Staff rank's next?
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    So far there is a ton of amazing builders that applied. Can't wait to see who gets the glorious, pink, [BUILDER] role!
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    Hey everyone! Another set of plugin updates coming your way just in time for the holiday season become full swing. Happy holidays! Note: IridiumSkyblock update has been delayed as the plugin authors have stated they will be working on a way to handle the issue we had last update. ActionBarHealth ( -> 3.4.1) AdvancedSlabs ( -> 1.10.1-SNAPSHOT) AuctionHouse (1.8.15 -> 1.8.17) AutoPickup (5.1.0 -> 5.3.0) Autorank ( -> 4.2.8) - Requires Plugin Library Builder's Utilities (1.3.1 -> 1.3.2) CCTV ( -> 5.12.14) ChatFeelings (4.5.3 -> 4.5.5) CombatLogX ( -> Custom Jumppads (1.22.11 -> 1.22.12) CustomOreGen (1.3.22 -> 1.3.24) DeathCoordinates (1.6.1 -> 1.7.1) DefensiveTurrets (3.0.1 -> 3.2.1) DeluxeTags ( -> 1.7.1) DiscordSRV Staff Chat (1.2.0 -> 1.3.0) Dupe Fixes / Illegal Stack Remover (2.0.8 -> 2.0.8a) Enjin (3.5.13 -> 3.5.14) FactionsUUID ( -> GUIShop (7.2.6 -> 7.3) HeadsPlus (6.6.7 -> 6.7-BETA-1) InventoryFull+ (2.5.3 -> 2.5.5) Languagy (1.2.3 -> 1.2.4) LuckPermsGUI (2.6 -> 3.1) Matrix (2.6.10 -> 2.7.4) MineResetLite (4.2.4-vk -> 4.2.5-vk) MoneyNote (1.2.3 -> 1.2.4) Murder Mystery (1.3.1 -> 1.4.0) OpenAudioMC ( -> Parties (2.6.8 -> 2.6.10) PhysicsToGo (1.9.1 -> 1.9.2) PluginLibrary ( -> 1.2.3) QuickShop Reremake ( -> ScreamingBedWars (0.2.2 -> 0.2.3) SkRecipe ( -> 1.3.2) SkyChanger (2.1.0 -> 3.0.0) Survival Plus (3.7.0 -> 3.8.0) ThatPacketAddon ( -> 1.0-BETA.3) Towny ( -> - Please read the release notes incase you need update your config for this to start correctly. TownyChat ( -> UHC Core (1.14.6 -> 1.14.9) UltimateClaims (1.1.12 -> 1.1.13) UltimateKits (2.4.10 -> 2.4.13) UltimateStacker (1.10.21 -> 1.10.22) UltraBar (2.1.3 -> 2.1.4) WolfyUtilites ( -> WorldSystem ( -> XP Boost (3.2.2 -> 3.3.0) xRay (2.10 -> 3.01)
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    Read this. I wrote it before this so it may not make sense, if you want more parts just reply kthx bye https://docs.google.com/document/d/12AAS3iXG8UTak0Zj4jIw34-rRQ9fHjX-kaQyUGfaAHE/edit?usp=sharing New latest update for the document (11/16/19). The section is on the outline part so just click to skip through the text. Thanks for reading hope this won't get locked ;w;
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    Instead of asking on here, you should look in market place on the MInehut Discord. You'll find many people here willing to give you their services for free. Have a nice day!
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    This is getting a tad heated, gonna go ahead and Lock it Locked - Avoid Drama
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    You're getting close kid but not there yet.
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    Adding that to my list too for Better Reports v3!
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    For years, humanity has been plagued by having bread that tastes like bread. We're in the 21st century. This should not be an issue. Because of this, I'm proud to announce to you the Minehut bread. With more nutrients than ever, you can carb load and eat your favorite Minecraft server at the same time. Now while polling customers about the product, some were confused as to the purpose of it. Those people are obviously not the targeted audience so if you don't understand it, then leave. Below are some quotes from our satisfied customers: McThistle2 - "Bread is like bready. I love it" Appleflavored - "Minehut bread, as stated in the name, is known for many disappointing but promising characteristics. It's fluffy, but can be unexpectedly crunchy when it's not supposed to be. 5/5" CyberRyan - "Ok" DeephEriksen - " I gave Jackson85 a quote, it was the yeast I could do." So what do you say? Are you ready today to pay for the bread you'll eat on feast day?Okay! In only 9 easy payments of 10,000 Trent credits, the Minehut bread can be yours!
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    I see a lot of people asking for these so I decided I'd just post the code here because of how extremely simple it is. every 30 seconds: loop all players: give loop-player 1 of random items out of all items
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    - TOMB Season 2 Tomb, season 2 is coming soon to Minehut! The classic arena combat experience, revamped with improved gameplay, aesthtics and features. Some Features Include: shop | buy items to improve your gear improved levels | grind up exp to become the best improved streaks | kill players non-stop for extra rewards COMING SOON!
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    Fixed it for you. You've pressed enter at 'progress 100 with colors green". If this still has errors, then I suggest asking in the #skript channel in the MH Discord on join: create bossbar titled "&2&lWelcome &6%player's uuid%" and id "welcome.%player's uuid%" for player with progress 100 with colors green wait 5 ticks loop 100 times: set {_Value} to value of bossbar "welcome.%player's uuid%" remove 1 from {_Value} set bossbar "welcome.%player's uuid%" value to {_Value} wait 3 ticks remove bossbar "welcome.%player's uuid%"
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    hi I had made the best server i have ever built on 1.12.2 then all of the sudden i log back on and I see am message saying you are on a outdated client :1.12.2 this server requires 1.14 so i join on 1.14 and my whole server was deleted. this was really annoying so what i want is a choice of what version you are on.
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    RULES A better rules system? Uh I don't know, I have anxiety, I just made this quick rules system for the community. Please don't hate me There's a typhoon that's about to hit my country and I might die. Nonetheless, enjoy the quick rules system I made. SCRIPT (40 lines) options: mColor: &e # Main Color sColor: &7 # Secondary Color admin: staff.admin # Admin permission for command server: Server # Server name command /rules [<text>] [<text>]: aliases:rule trigger: if arg-1 is not set: send "%nl%{@mColor}{@server}{@sColor}'s rules%nl%" loop {rules::*}: send "{@sColor}##%loop-index%. {@mColor}%loop-value%" send "" else: if arg-1 is "add" or "remove": if player does not have permission "{@admin}": send "%nl%{@mColor}{@server}{@sColor}'s rules%nl%" loop {rules::*}: send "{@sColor}##%loop-index%. {@mColor}%loop-value%" send "" else: if arg-1 is "add": add arg-2 to {rules::*} send "{@sColor}Successfully added {@mColor}%arg-2%{@sColor} to the list of rules." else: if {rules::*} does not contain arg-2: send "{@mColor}%arg-2%{@sColor} cannot be found on the list of rules." else: remove arg-2 from {rules::*} send "{@sColor}Successfully removed {@mColor}%arg-2%{@sColor} from the list of rules." else: send "%nl%{@mColor}{@server}{@sColor}'s rules%nl%" loop {rules::*}: send "{@sColor}##%loop-index%. {@mColor}%loop-value%" send ""
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    You can block /minecraft:me with a permission node. The same thing with /me. Not a point to make a skript for it.
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    The whole reasoning of the hibernation feature is to move servers offline to create more space for servers who are starting. Hibernation occurs when no one is active or on the server. A simple solution is to stay on the server while you edit files.
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    Yea now you made my xray go to waste.
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    I believe him and not just because he is my friend irl
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    Stargazers is quite clearly amazing
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    I agree with this 100%, I believe that every player should be looked at with a clean slate, and adding on to that, even if a player has a certain reputation of being say toxic, they should be looked at with a clean slate until proven otherwise, people change, and if they are truly trying to change they should not have their past being focused on more than who they are today, or who they will be tomorrow.
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    I could spawn into the middle of a vast wilderness, no Holographic Displays, no signs with rules on it, no indication of what to do. I could spawn into the most flashy ripped-from-the-Schematics-website Spawn, there could be Ender Chests, Anvils, dragon heads, etc. I could span into some Minimalist spawn that just has maybe a platform with a list of commands, and then nothing but wilderness all around. I could span into a chunk that basically only has portals into different biomes all around me. You know what's going to decide whether I enjoy it or not? The Staff. Here are some questions I would ask myself: 1.) Are the staff social and friendly towards everyone? 2.) Do the staff do a thorough investigation (including talking to someone) before doling out punishments? 3.) Do the staff have a cavalier attitude when acting in their capacity as staff, performing Kicks and Bans, or go "lmao" after? 4.) Can the staff answer questions without being irritable and rude? 5.) If the Owner or his/her staff takes disciplinary action in error, will they undo it if it's pointed out that they acted in error? 6.) Is the Owner and/or their staff, quick to act, and slow to think and analyze a situation? 7.) If you tell the Owner they acted in error, offer to show proof, will they listen or just keep parroting "UR WRONG, U DESERVE BAN"? The Community 1.) Are the members able to have lucid, sensible conversations? 2.) Are there a bunch of hyperactive kids running around swinging their weapons on everyone? 3.) When someone loses, are they a good sport about it, or do they become toxic? (and do staff handle the toxic ones?) 4.) Are players who don't solely use slang or "txt speak" ridiculed and harassed for it? (ie: "/r/iamverysmart" remarks) 5.) When you bring up serious issues (people using hacked clients or bullying other members), is the reaction to your input positive or negative? The "/plugins" and "/help" Commands I can't stress this enough, neither /PL nor /HELP bring any risk to a server nor its operation. If someone thinks they're being clever by using Skript or another plugin to hide the Plugins, or to hide /HELP (which merely lets us see which commands we're allowed to use), I'm not going to be impressed. That shows me that they took the time to conceal perfectly harmless Vanilla elements of a Minecraft Server, rather than other things I will probably encounter that probably should have been a higher priority.
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    I've owned a server for a few months ow with my friends. It's Java Minecraft Survival and everyone loves the server a lot. Unfortunately, our server was completely wiped of everything today (11/23/19 I logged on at 10 AM). No more of our builds, no more of our items, everything was gone. We have no idea how it happened and everyone is so sad that we can't log on there. It's happened to us before from the hacker awhile ago but we're hoping that Minehut at least has some backups of our server. We really want someone from Minehut to help us retrieve our server so anything anyone can do, that would be great. I've attached a few of our builds that we'll be losing below. Those are only a few of the builds that we managed to get screenshots of.
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    We need to have this. some people don't like to give others their account so their dev can skript. i find that unsafe, i think it should just be adding other accounts to a console. +1
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    Hello. I have an survival server. I want to make unbreakable areas with the world guard plugin. I only don't really know how it works. The commands //wand or /rg dont work. Can anyone help me please?
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    As long as it stays relatively calm, this thread can stay open.
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    Not going to name names or anything but it looks as though someone is trying to cover up this exposing article of literature.
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    This should be locked ... it’s just some drama that is not true and is just causing issues
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    imagine having [BUILDER] role. jkjk, gl to all.
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    Boi just give your opinion. Everyone likes a bit of drama!
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    I'll check it out later, thank you!
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    These people seem pretty cool.
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    What if Minehut is secretly battling Valknet
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    Try making a unique server, something that Minehut or Minecraft has never seen. In most cases, those types of servers are the most popular and the most fun to play.
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    we are limited to information... all we know is the very "powerful" servers **cough** that doesnt have lag
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    i'm so sorry this wasn't the original plan! Quick, react to this post to stop them!!
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    Cmon guys Back in my day we would brag about being lvl 100+ on Warzone, which was thought goal to reach. Now we brag about reputation on the forums. This is literally a reputation farm lol Now please do not react to this because if you do you're just contributing to my reputation increase, which does not change anything its just a random number that exists on this forum sadface
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    instructions not clear - ate frozen raw food and died
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    Question Answered! Thanks for making a forums post. Locked
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    There are no specific details available in regards to Minehut’s server specifications; however, they must be fairly decent considering that they can effectively run a fairly large bungee network.
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    what is up with double pointers
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    I have a few custom plugins that I have coded that I would like only on my server. Am i able to send the plugins to the admins to be added?
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