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    People should just post random pictures of animals as their replies. I'll start:
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    I would like to preface this by saying I am not an angry or violent person. I am actually pretty relaxed most of the time, and I like to think I am a lover of all people, from all backgrounds and creeds. With that out of the way, if underdragon100 got hit by a semi in a Walmart parking lot, he would die and no one would remember him. A similar thing happened to my Uncle Jimbo, who also griefed on Minehut servers. The difference between my Uncle Jimbo and underdragon100 is that Uncle Jimbo was 45 and I don't think underdragon100 did crack cocaine. Underdragon100 is the eleven-year-old kid in your school whose parents are going through a messy divorce. Even though they tell him it's because they don't love each other anymore, it is definitely his fault anyway. He's the kid who gets made fun of everyday after school on the bus, getting papers thrown and slurs ejected at him at rapid speed. Eventually he'll snap and go on a murderous rampage, but he hasn't discovered BestGore yet, so I think we have some time. Underdragon100 is the twelve-year old kid who sends people LiveLeak videos or shows people Goatse in the school library without their consent. He thinks its funny when people send cartel beheadings or terrorist videos to unsuspecting sixth graders. He thinks being offensive and annoying is funny, although it leaves him with an empty feeling in his stomach and makes him remember why his parents broke up in the first place: they had an insufferable twat of a son. With this being said, if there is any way for underdragon100 to be permanently banned from Minehut or killed in a gruesome Walmart automobile accident where the driver is acquitted of all charges, could y'all please make it happen? Thank you. TL;DR: underdragon100 keeps jumping onto servers, taking all of people's stuff, killing their pets, etc. and then dipping. he shouldn't be allowed to have children
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    I will be there at the same time I don't even know what to say to you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year to you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year to you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year to you and your family (Google autofill)
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    The concept of claiming Unused Server Names has been one of if not, the most requested feature on Minehut. What is this? Basically, implementing this feature will allow users to claim unused server names. If Minehut is to stay long-term, this is a necessary feature. Soon, server names won't be as easy to get, nearly impossible. There's also the issue of really good server names being owned by inactive accounts, or users who don't even utilize Minehut anymore. How would this work? There are two main options that have been discussed. I'll explain them both. Method 1: Requests The general concept here is having users request to a staff member or support member or whomever, and then they look into it, and approve it. The problem with this one is you would probably have to wait at least a few days and by that point it would be useless. Method 2: Inactive Servers Inactive servers are renamed to a random hash of letters and numbers, thus freeing up the server name for someone else to take. This could happen after a certain period of dormancy. Personally I think after no more than a few weeks the server name should be changed automatically. - You could add some sort of feature to make the dormancy period longer than a few weeks, so like you could set it to a month for some amount of credits. My opinion I think Method 2 should be implemented. Now, please vote in the poll, and if you down vote this, please reply to the thread with your reasoning. Edit: Please don't just TacticalModz this post. (Don't just leave a -1 or vote no without explaining)
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    this has been suggested many times before and I still think its a good idea. It has some complications but its a good idea
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    Well, its your server, You can punish him as you like. /ban, /kick, /mute, etc. You could also enable whitelist to allow people you trust (/whitelist on, /whitelist add (user) )
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    A player tracker should be a plugin, this plugin would allow to right click a permanent compass that stays with you at all times and once you right click it leads to the closest/nearest player
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    Welcome to the Minehut Forums!
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    wow administrator kailum
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    Man, I've been waiting for an admin to introduce themselves.
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    If you decide to report a player, please make sure you follow the correct format listed below. The format you should use differs based on what type of report you are making and who you are reporting. Creating fake reports on purpose to get another player punished will result in an instant ban. Reporting a Player When reporting a player, please be considerate of where you are making the report. If you are reporting a player breaking a chat offense in the lobbies or in private messages, you will need to provide an uncropped, unedited screenshot of the offense. If you are reporting something more severe such as a player griefing a server, please make sure you provide sufficient evidence to support the report such as the logs (/dl logs) or a video of the grief. If the server that was griefed has a plugin such as CoreProtect installed, make sure you include that in the report as well in "Additional Comments." Player Name: Offense: Evidence: Additional Information: Click here to report a player!
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