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    Crazy Growth Over the last few months, we've grown at an unexpected rate. Take a look at the milestones below for when we broke our concurrent player records: A year ago when SLG took over Minehut, there were 100k registered users and 1100 players. Now, we regularly have 3500 players on during the week and we broke 400k registered users last week. Even in the last month since we increased the default ram to 2gb and slots to 20, we went from 2500 concurrent users to 3500! That being said, we have to make some changes to make sure we have room to continue to grow. Today's Changes Our free plan is back to 1gb of ram and 10 player slots If your server was started after the 20 slot change went into effect on May 20th and before this post was made, your server will have 20 slots, but 1gb of ram. If you change back to 10 slots on the server.properties, you won't have the option to go back to 20 for free, and there's no way to go back from there. The process for flagging servers to have 20 slots was automatic and was applied to 117,907 servers. Updated Plans Web Panel Issues This is another piece of Minehut that is hitting limits with how many players we have. We need to make some changes to let it run more smoothly at this high capacity. A temporary patch was applied to try to buy us some time, but we're working on doing a proper fix asap.
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    These people seem pretty cool.
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    Lads, Thy kingdom will support thee with eternal wishes of god and thy holiness. Sir Brit Crit III has crowned this product with thy blessing. Amen
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    Staff Applications are now Open! We're currently looking for another batch of mature and active players to join our Volunteer team! As a staff member, your job is to help moderate Minehut on our various services (Discord server, forums, etc), help out with different activities (such as beta testing features, hosting events, etc), and communicating with the Minehut community to help keep this community clean and safe one for everyone. We also occasionally reward our volunteers with credits as a thank you for helping us out. Interested in joining? Check out below on everything you'll need to know before applying. Important pages you should read: Minehut Rules: https://forums.minehut.com/rules Staff Application Process: Click here Staff Application Format: Click here Make sure you are also in the Minehut Discord server located here: https://discord.gg/minehut Before applying please make sure you've: Read up on all of the pages listed above and fully understand them. You are eligible to apply as per the guidelines located in the format. Active on both the Minehut forums, Discord server, as well as in-game. Fully understand how to use Minehut and troubleshoot issues. Maintain a professional and mature, but relaxed behavior. Understand how the staff process works as explained in the post above. Staff Applications will close Saturday, October 5th at the end of the day. Ready to apply? Click "New Topic" in the Applications category or click here to start your application! Make sure you copied the format posted in the staff application format post linked above and followed all the guidelines and requirements.
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    I'm tired of joining random servers only to be banned shortly afterwards because the players there didn't expect or want random people from the lobby joining. And actually, making servers unlisted by default would benefit both aspiring server owners who want to gain players as well as friend groups who want to keep their server closed off from the public. With this change, friends who just want to play survival together can do so without interruptions from the lobby potentially griefing or bringing chaos. And for aspiring server owners, this change means that they would have a better chance of getting players even if they're starting from ground zero. Say you have 15 pages of servers in your server browser. Since servers are sorted by the number of players, a friend group of 6 would easily make it to the top and get the problems mentioned above (griefing/chaos). Meanwhile, the server owner trying to get other players would probably fall to page 10 or something because there's only 1 player on that server. So both groups are actually worse off by not unlisting new servers by default. The plausible argument against this whole thing is that it would make server initiation tougher for newcomers. But I think it's really not that hard to teach them an extra step when creating a server, especially when you already have players asking "How do I create a server?" in the lobbies. The extra step would be to not unlist their server if they want their server to be public, which shouldn't be too tough to do if a server owner is determined enough to get their server out there. If you just make new servers unlisted by default, you don't even need to have a whitelist. Friend groups who want to play survival together can just share the minehut.gg ip with each other, so they don't have to bother with banning random players they don't want to see.
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    DeltaRays has been working on a special client for the past few months and I'm one of the fortunate players to test his client, which includes in-game panel and more! These are the only screenshots we can show. We're releasing the client in January 2020. Me and DeltaRay are excited about minehut's future and you should be too! If you want to learn more about this, then stay tuned.
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    Read this. I wrote it before this so it may not make sense, if you want more parts just reply kthx bye https://docs.google.com/document/d/12AAS3iXG8UTak0Zj4jIw34-rRQ9fHjX-kaQyUGfaAHE/edit?usp=sharing New latest update for the document (11/16/19). The section is on the outline part so just click to skip through the text. Thanks for reading hope this won't get locked ;w;
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    This is a test.
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    Updated Plugins for the week of June 3rd! Holographic Displays Simple Elevators Hunger Games GPack CombatLogX TempFly DefensiveTurrets Matrix AntiCheat Staff+ CoreProtect RankGrant+ Server Tutorial Plus AnimatedFrames MapManager PacketListenerAPI Enjin Factions Blue Chat Manager Mob Hunting ProtocolSupport Epic Skyblock CratesPlus StackMob SurvivalPlus XP Boost Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here.
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    Quick Info Server Name: Agar Server IP: Agar.minehut.gg Server Owner: Tr4mp Howdy folks! Long time no Featured Server! Thanks for being patient as we optimize our processes for submitting and selecting servers to feature. We can't wait to serve and celebrate our community by showcasing some awesome servers in 2020. And with that, I'd like to introduce you to our first Featured Server of the year, Agar! Agar is a server by Tr4mp which uses Skript to recreate the popular browser game Agar.io in Minecraft! The game is simple: All players are slimes. Move your slime over baby magma cubes to eat them and grow in size. Eat players smaller than you to eat them and grow in size. Avoid elder guardians, which reduce your size. Win by becoming the last slime standing! The game is easy to play and quick to master. More features including leaderboards, skins, and even new abilities are coming to the server soon! Get a feel for Agar by watching the gameplay demo in the video above, and check out the server using Agar.minehut.gg or /join Agar! Want to learn how to use Skript to improve your server? Check out the Skript tutorials on the official Minehut YouTube channel! Thanks y'all! And remember, if you want your server featured or want to nominate another server to be featured, join the Featured Server Discord here!
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    I think think that a feature like customizable server icons would be a GREAT new addition to minehut's features. if you were to add this feature again (soon) then plz make it free.
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    Item Display (Skript) Be able to display your item on the chat by typing [item]. If the tool does not have a lore and no enchants, It'll say "No Enchants" and "No Lores". If it has an enchant, but does not have a lore.. It'll say the enchant but say "No Lore"... Stuff like those. Script (17 lines) on chat: if message contains "[item]": cancel event player is not holding air set {_count} to amount of player's held item in player's inventory if player's tool is enchanted: if line 1 of lore of player's tool is set: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7%tool's enchantments%%nl%%tool's lore%>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" else: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%%tool's enchantments%%nl%&7No Lores.>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" if player's tool is not enchanted: if line 1 of lore of player's tool is set: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7No Enchantments.%nl%%tool's lore%>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" else: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7No Enchantments.%nl%&7No Lores.>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" replace all "||" with "%nl%" in message send "%player's displayname%&f: &7%message%" to all players
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    Instead of asking on here, you should look in market place on the MInehut Discord. You'll find many people here willing to give you their services for free. Have a nice day!
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    You're getting close kid but not there yet.
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    Glad that Molly is on our team as I would be scared to oppose her. She has the power of corgis.
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    Can you please add the old control panel back? And maybe remove the hibernation mode because when I am editing files, it always kicks me out and makes me restart.
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    Can you PLEASE add a function where we can rename world or just add a warning about naming worlds with a space
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    Hello minehut community! So yeah, I've decided to make a minehut community picture for well.. The community. The picture you'll see below is what I have done so far.. It's kinda like a prototype (It WILL get better in the up coming future!) (If you have any suggestions to add/do please say in the comments!) Things being worked on now 1. Lighting 2. More people 3. Maybe a minecraft world lol 4. Other things
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    Gingey more like dontleaveme.
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    1. Survival Servers Types of griefs you'll have to watch out for: -Fire/Burn griefs -TNT/Creeper griefs -Block breaking griefs -Cobble monster griefs -Lava curtain griefs -Block spam griefs What you can do to prevent each grief: -Fire/Burn griefs - Turn fire tick off or install a land claim plugin that is simple to use for the players and also rock solid. -TNT/Creeper griefs - To protect spawn from creepers, turn mobgriefing off, it'll affect the whole server, but who wants their house blown up by a creeper? no one. If you just world guard spawn and don't protect from these types of griefs, griefers can lure creepers into your spawn and blow them up, or build tnt cannons that move the tnt into the world guarded region. Again, get a land claiming plugin, the standard one with the golden shovel is very rock solid and even stops urorthodox griefing methods like sand shooters. -Block breaking griefs - This is the simplest type of grief to protect from, just get the golden shovel land claiming plugin or redprotect and you should be fine, world guard does a good job at protecting spawn from this grief and most other griefs too, but you have to turn off more than just block breaking and building. -Cobble monster griefs - One of the most devastating types of griefs, it's quite slow, but if all you've got is a build, pvp, break world guard, your server is gonna end up looking something like this: I cannot say this enough, get the gold shovel land claiming plugin, it almost completely stops all kinds of griefs, you can use worldguard, but then you need to disable: -Building -Block breaking -Liquids (even ones that are placed outside the region and then flow in, do /server megared or /server tiniserver for examples of worldguard servers that i griefed with liquids) -Explosions (not just tnt, creepers too) -Pvp (If you want to) Even if you do all of that, you can still get griefed by sand shooters and flooding machines, which is why I think world guard doesn't really work well with survival servers, use a more rock solid plugin. Block spam griefs - Just disable block placement. Conclusion - Even if you have rock solid plugins, players could still surround the spawn area with cobblestone, if you want an absolutely full proof way to get prevent spawn griefs on survival servers, have the spawn high up, surround it with barriers, and make a buffer zone that stretches out atleast 100 blocks, and force players to do /wild to get out of this box, teleporting them 2,000 - 10,000 blocks away from spawn. Creative Servers Types of griefs you'll have to watch out for: -Egg spam -Lag machines -Snow golem spam -Minecart cannons What you can do to prevent each grief: -Egg spam - You don't really need to prevent this type of grief, since it doesn't do any permanent damage and is very easy to fix, you can just remove the chickens and warn/ban the player who built it. -Lag machines - This is the most dangerous grief for creative servers, they can shutdown your server if you don't stop them. If you want to be thorough, just disable pistons, period, if you want to still be able to use pistons, but don't want your tps in the single digits, then disable glowstone, sea lanterns and redstone lamps, lag machines that don't use any of those are much harder to make and/or aren't as effective, also get a clear lag plugin that removes all entities that aren't mobs and players, not just items. The other 2 griefs are similar to egg spam, they don't do permanent damage, so you can just warn/ban the player and then easily fix the grief. And finally, the most obvious grief that works on every server is the /op grief, just don't op random people or even give them creative if they're not supposed to have it. If your server is meant to be private, then TURN WHITELIST ON, I've seen so many servers that get griefed or raided because they don't do this, and instead just afk with all their stuff on them/in the chests, if you afk, you keep the server open for griefers and spawn killers to log in and destroy your world
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    But could you allow adding multiple files or folders? that would make things a lot easier...
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    UPDATE: We made it to the Minehut Weekly!
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    That would make up for all the crashes minehut had
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    I think the best part of this whole post is the fact that there's 3 people on the list with the username "DoesStuff" all of which isn't the original person that started the trend (me)
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    Good idea. How bout real ips in the hub tho
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    Nice to meet you, Missyeru! Hope to seee you around the server and good luck if you're working as an admin! Your dog is beautiful.
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    staff know about this problem and they are working on it please be patient! thank you.
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    Minehut occasionally suspend servers for breaking our rules located here. If we do find your server in violation of our rules and you would like to appeal your server's suspension, copy the format below and post it in the "Appeals" category right here on the Minehut forums. Please make sure that you are the owner of the server before you start making an appeal for the suspension. Do not ask staff to read your appeal, it can lead to an instant denial. Server Name: Why do you think the server is suspended? Why should we unsuspend your server? Additional Information: Ready to appeal your server suspension? Click here to start creating your appeal. Make sure you copy the format! If you have any additional questions concerning anything related to server suspensions and what we do exactly suspend servers for, feel free to contact any of the managers right here on the forums or by joining the Minehut Discord server here.
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    -DOOMDAY TRAILER- Editor.mp4
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    On minehut, the server says its online, but in minecraft after a while of pinging, the server says it's not online. It's not my wifi because my friends can't connect to it either.
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    I think it's a pretty cool idea. This is how it used to be on the old old old old (2016) Minehut forums, back when there were star ranks.
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    Hello everyone! I want to be more active in this community, so I have decided to release 1 or 2 scripts every week. I will post all my upcoming scripts on my own status page, so make sure to follow me . This week I'm publishing my createNexus.sk script. I used this script in my game Paranoia. A nexus is basically a block that you need to hit a couple of times to destroy it. You can add mulitple if you like! The health of the nexus (nexus? nexuses?.. nexi??) will appear as a boss bar. You can create a nexus by placing down a coal block and then by typing /nexus create <name>. The main command is /nexus and you can see other commands after typing that. This script requires the following plugins: skRayfall HolographicDisplays It's been a long time since I used this script, so there might be more plugins needed. However I doubt it. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to also add the nexusBreak.sk script! This script allows players to actually break the nexus. You can also merge these two scripts into one script. Feel free to share these scripts with whoever you want! (Just make sure you link this post or my profile, thanks <3) Overview of downloads createNexus.sk nexusBreak.sk
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    Desktop, god help you if you play on a laptop with a trackpad.
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    Idlers die quick, so good luck. The one idler that hasn't died is the original one.
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    Nice, Requesting Lock
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    Minerr Progress I currently only have a few more things I have to do before I can fully release the server. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask here at the moment.
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    The forums are so clean!
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    Use the plugin MineResetLite. If you need help with using the plugin then I would recommend this tutorial.
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    Thanks for the support 835gw
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    Simple: The community absolutely rocks!
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    I know this is going to be long to read, but it took me over 3 hours straight to put this together so I figured someone else would appreciate this! I added a few links (marked) that MH didn't have on here so you could copy and paste and read about each plugin without having to start your server.
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    -1 This plugin is made for 1.12, and has not been updated for 2 years. Citizens CMD already exists, why not use that?
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    try stopping and starting your server, and make sure any previous plugin files are deleted from the files section.
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    They've mentioned before that they weren't going to do this on the old forums and I assume that decision might still stand with the new forums. I do hope that they add it though and change their minds as this would be a wonderful addition.
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