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    Skriptify is an organization and community founded by @crewly that I'm also a part of. The goal of this community is to convert all Minehut plugins into scripts. We also make essentials scripts that your server may need. We don't strictly focus on the current plugin list, and we do take requests and suggestions. Our site has had hundreds of requests over the last few hours and the community discord server has seen tremendous growth over the last day. The purpose of this is to make it so users won't have to upgrade to use their favorite plugins. You can also contribute to Skriptify by making a resource and posting it on our discord server. Showcase Screenshots below Ready? If you liked what you saw, check out the website @ https://skriptify.xyz (Discord link on website) Bonus We also offer skript help and our community is very active so you'll usually get a response within minutes.
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    You get get a player from a uuid using this, be mindful that it requires the skript addon 'TuSke'.
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    farwl doing a skript organisation. Hm.... deja voo
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    Thanks. I just woke up so they'll all be added in a few minutes.
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    Throw ketchup on it
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    I assume you mean this plugin. Unfortunately this is only for 1.10 to 1.13 as it says on the page. You could probably replicate this with skript anyway.
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    I'm waiting for that one kid to steal their mom's credit card so they can get MH Unlimited.
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    OK so everyone, it might appear that i might of accidentally started a partition for our missing worlds. I SAY FOLLOW THROUGH. LETS NOT GET CRAPPY CHEAP COINS, LETS GET OUR WORLDS BACK ON WITCH WE SPENT OUR PRECIOUS AMOUNT OF TIME ON. All of our time on our servers gone to thin air weather it was a redstone filled world or a minigame world, We will get our world back. Reply with a short statement to agree or disagree with me. Slogan: We want our worlds back, We don't want your cheap coins. PEACE! - Retr0Breezy 2020 -
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    I think the plugin limitations would definitely be better if they didnt effect skript addons
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    nevermind! once i set my world to the default, it just worked?
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    I suggest that Minehut should make it so that we can change the versions of our servers. (Example: You can change your server version to like 1.13 or something.) They should also make it so that you can add mods. (Minecraft Forge)
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    So basically, I was playing with my friend on her server, and this guy by the name of Rsdbnt, joined. It was then, we realised we forgot to private the server. Anyway, Rsdbnt was acting fine and all, and even found himself a diamond sword. I did question on why he joined, and he said he joins random servers and help players in survival worlds. I genuinely thought it was a kind person, so I let him be. Little did I know, he killed my friend, took her stuff, killed me after her, and then left the server with our items. We didnt have much with us because we just started the world so... I am pretty pissed at what he did, because we kind of have to start over. Is this considered breaking the rules?
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    Hey - we don't support snapshots on Minehut. All servers currently run on 1.15.2.
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