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    To be honest heres how i feel, (Please don't take any of this personally it's not meant to be offensive it's just my honest opinion). I think TacticalModz is selfish, arrogant, unfair, immature, ignorant, and if i must say quite rude. His network is completely worthless and has no purpose on Minehut. It can even be interpreted as a competitor of minehut, using minehut's storage and basically living and feeding off their supplies. Moving on, i think that TacticalModz is very unfair and bias with his punishments on ValkNet. I was randomly blacklisted for saying the word 'raid', when this wasn't even specified on the server rules. Then i spoke with a staff with Koronotchi and Lotix who was very fair and understanding, unlike tactical, and things were soon resolved. We were unbanned as this was a clearly unfair ban. Then suddenly we got reblacklisted by TacticalModz for literally no apparent reason. I think this is really unfair and bias as he publicly called me an idiot and annoying and its evident this had an effect on the case. TacticalModz is almost impossible to get in touch with. Try adding him on discord, he has friend requests disabled, try messaging him, he has his dms off. I tried adding him ingame but what did i find, ah, he has friend requests off there too. I then tried messaging him but that wouldn't let me either. It is literally impossible to get in contact with him. Not that i care about actually starting conversation with him or asociating (spelt it wrong because i cant say a s s) myself with him, i purely wanted to question him on this matter. I believe ValkNet is pretty much worthless as it is a server hosting inside of a server hosting. It has no real purpose and the only thing it gives you is less opportunity, players and less ram. I have no idea why people choose to host a server on ValkNet because of those reasons. I feel it is just not needed on minehut. In conclusion, for the reasons above, i don't like ValkNet and i never will because of the way i have been treated.
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    From my experience, and I'm not being bias here, ValkNet is essentially just a server host. Sure, making your server with your friends could be fun for some people but I could just do that on minehut, with better resources and more memory at my disposal. I also agree with the above, the staff team are very harsh when it comes to punishments, and sometimes they don't even punish via their own rules, but this is just my opinion. If the staff team was shaped up a bit and maybe some unique features were added, I'm positive that it would gain more attraction.
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    I don't personally enjoy it, and some people may think that it's 'pointless' because it's a host inside of a host, however, I do think that it's a cool and creative way of showing the capabilities of Developers and Skript itself. Another negative thing about it is that the staff and management team take the server way too seriously, which therefore puts a bad light on the server. I'm sure that the server would be a lot better of a place to be if the staff team wasn't so strict.
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    Donor Lobby Proposal (NOT ORIGINALLY MY IDEA) Many of us donators agree that we really don't get too much out of our donation. All we get are a few cosmetics, the tag and /elytra, which really isn't much if you think about it. In the past, MH used to have it so that you had to donate to get more player slots, and only donators could fly. Considering this most likely wont happen, what else can we do to enjoy the fact that we donated money to MH? This is where the Donor Lobby comes in A donator exclusive lobby would probably be a simple solution to this problem, as it won't be that big of a deal to implement. A donor only lobby would allow Donators to chat with each other without the annoying spam-advertising defaults. I would think that most default players wouldn't mind there being a donor lobby, since there are still the other lobbies they can advertise and chat in. So why don't we have one already? Personally, I don't see any downsides to this as most donators are unlikely to be spam-advertisers or people who would spam the n word in these lobbies. If you agree with this, give it a like and comment your opinions on it
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    I think that this would be a great idea for ranked players. True we don't really get a lot for what we spend, but this would make ranks more worth buying. +1
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    Works! If anyone wants to join its FrollixPvP (how to change worlds cuz you always spawn in normal world not main wrld)
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    Get your friend to send you the logs and then reply to the thread with the logs and I will look over them for you
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    Try the command /rg flag (region) interact allow
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    While I completely understand, the reason why we are limited to how we can help players with this is because it's completely out of Minehut's power and we have to rely on the downloading site for it to be fixed.
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    That's funny, in each post the same replies. "This is not the right category..." "Try it again..." "Have you done the right things?..." But no one takes care about the problem, even the mods are doing anything. The fact is, since the service "transfer.sh" is hosted by storj.io, it doesn't work proberly anymore. You can read this in many threads.... https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/277 https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/272 https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/271 https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/190 https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/220 https://github.com/dutchcoders/transfer.sh/issues/198 Same issue here, no one is responsible for this. And storj.io seems to do not really something. You can check the functionality for your own: - Download "curl" (e.g. for windows) - unpack it - create a text file (e.g. "Hello.txt") - save it in the same directory - and do this on the command-line: curl --upload-file ./hello.txt https://transfer.sh/hello.txt You will see it doesn't work... ("could not save metadata") Conclusion: When minehut is not changing the "/dl" to another (reliable) file hoster it will not work anymore.
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    Hello I would like to inform you all about the server known as "ValkNet" and or "Minehut no. 2." I was recently accused of using a alt (against TOS since im assuming the account was banned) I got on soon after these events occured. Where a staff commented "he likes to curse a lot" where I then replied "yep, thats me" since I tend to use profanity while structuring my sentances rather frequently. They then went on to receive proof I was not using a alt, I even offered to show screenshots of my toolbar/screenshare, TacticalModz was quick to drop it as soon as I offered which I assumed concluded the conflict. Come 2 hours later, he and his posse join my server while me and my staff team were working on it, What started out as a nice and genuine encounter soon went south as he proceeded to call me vulger names and insult me, here is the log from my discord bot Default DEFAULT TacticalModz » kitkat answer my question you pussy | Default DEFAULT TacticalModz » but all i got was nothing from you and u started chatting in minecraft with all ur furry fucking pkayers and staff | Default DEFAULT TacticalModz » So get your fucking shit together. After I refused (I dont have an alt) he proceeded to fire me from the ValkNet staff team. What infuriates me the most, I went on to ValkNet earlier to attempt to reason with him (I didnt even want staff back I just wanted to say he was wrong then proceed to curse him out) then after 20 seconds I was blacklisted (Ban). It angers me that he would not even talk to me or even give me a chance to reason with him, his staff even told him he was blowing it out of preportion; He then disregarded his staff and decided that he was done with me. Thanks for listening, I just wanted to share how I dont understand someone smart enough to skript a whole minehut no.2 can lack knowledge and people skills on that high of a level.
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    It would be very useful for real world servers and towny servers. Dynmap is easy to enable as well so adding it would be easy.
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    I’m going to lock this to avoid starting drama. Thread locked.
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    Oh look starting drama. Requesting Lock
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    We can't add Dynmap as it wouldn't work on Minehut. This requires opening a port on the server to access the map in your browser which currently isn't something Minehut supports.
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