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    Here's some stereotypes for Minehut ranks! Just remember that this isn't really realistic so don't take it to heart, it's just jokes lol Default: Usually advertising their server. 50% Rule breakers, 50% cool dudes that don't have credits or just don't want to buy a rank. VIP: Usually saying "Oof" , always looking for staff for their server, names like "ii[inserttext], x[inserttext]x", builders, probably got gifted the rank PRO: had a OG name or does have one, they skript, when they advertise or look for staff they get a good amount of people interested. LEGEND: Definitely has a 4 or 5 letter name, barely talks but when they do they get a bunch of " OMG ITSA LEGEND!! " , votes a LOT like.. a lot, dedicated to minehut and.. their bank account PATREON: the best people ever because they're supporting Minehut and being amazing, out of all the things they could spend money on they decide to support this platform that allows so many people to be creative xx Staff rank's next?
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    Thanks ill try it
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    Fixed it for you. You've pressed enter at 'progress 100 with colors green". If this still has errors, then I suggest asking in the #skript channel in the MH Discord on join: create bossbar titled "&2&lWelcome &6%player's uuid%" and id "welcome.%player's uuid%" for player with progress 100 with colors green wait 5 ticks loop 100 times: set {_Value} to value of bossbar "welcome.%player's uuid%" remove 1 from {_Value} set bossbar "welcome.%player's uuid%" value to {_Value} wait 3 ticks remove bossbar "welcome.%player's uuid%"
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    I've been looking for this game for ages, thanks ad.
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    lobby looking sick as hell, benny really fooled us saying it wasn't a lobby ;(
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    phenomenal build! kudos to you mh build team
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    Praise the new lobby! Nice job Build Team!
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    Build team you absolute madlads.
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    Incredible job Build Team. This lobby is amazing!
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    I 100% agree with treating all players with the respect they deserve. Assuming that all people are the same is a terrible way to live your life in general. Now if said player shows that they have a wonderful/terrible merit, then I would say that it's alright to have a full opinion on them. Until then though, I would say give all people the benefit of the doubt.
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